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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan The Band CAMINO

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan The Band CAMINO

If your playlists are looking for a little bit more flavor this spring, look no further than The Band CAMINO! Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, the indie-rock band started in 2016 with the release of their first EP, My Thoughts On You, before signing with Elektra Records and releasing their first album, tryhard. Since then, they have released one more album and several singles, leading up to their tour this summer. Originally scheduled to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer, The Band CAMINO is quickly moving up in the world and in our hearts.

Here are five reasons we think they should be your next obsession!

1. Getting In On The Ground Floor

We’re sure some of us look back and wish we had been stans back when One Direction started up. Well, now you are getting that chance with The Band CAMINO. With 2.5M monthly listeners on Spotify, they aren’t exactly small, but we can definitely see them getting much bigger in the future. Get in line with everyone getting their future bragging rights now.

2. The Music

One of the most obvious answers, The Band CAMINO has music for every vibe you crave. From soulful ballads like ‘Crying Over You’ to rock anthems such as ‘Daphne Blue,’ there’s a song for every playlist. Jeffery Jordan and Spencer Stewart’s raspy vocals blend perfectly over Garrison Burgess’s powerful drums. Throw in some electric guitar on top to make them the next rising pop-rock stars were looking for. With such unique voices, they’re sure to add some spice to your next playlist.

3. Their Fan Interactions

We’re sure we’ve all dreamed of being noticed by our faves. With social media running rampant these days, we have a higher chance, and many fans are taking it. From Twitter replies to Instagram likes, The Band CAMINO makes sure their fans stay… well, fans! The fandom stays running because of fans! Between the makers of fanart, singers of covers, and buyers of tickets, fans make the world go round. And The Band CAMINO knows this with interactions on most social media sites – there are always ways to get noticed by the boys.

4. The Merch!

Everyone has seen some bad merch. No matter how much we love a band or artist, sometimes the merch can just be… meh. But The Band CAMINO made sure this was not the case. With several styles from tee-shirts to hoodies to tote bags, there really is something for every demographic. They are even sending it back to the past, with vinyl records pressed for every new release! Their newest drop comes from their self-titled sophomore album, The Band CAMINO.

5. Their Live Music

If you’re looking for a band with breathtaking visuals, funny anecdotes between songs, and of course good music, look no further. The Band CAMINO is not a band that breaks under pressure. Their live vocals prevail and their personality shines through. It is seemingly impossible to leave a Band CAMINO set disappointed. You can check out their The Tour Camino Tour this summer here, and snag an experience for yourself!

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There are obviously many more reasons The Band CAMINO should be the next artist in your rotation, but we will leave it short and sweet at five. Do you plan to add The Band CAMINO to your newest playlist? Looking to freak out with us? Come find us at @thehoneypop on Twitter or Instagram!

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