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Snail Mail Is The Future Of Indie Rock: Live In NYC

Snail Mail Is The Future Of Indie Rock: Live In NYC

Snail Mail is our catharsis. From the origins of her debut album Lush back in 2018, where we fell in love with singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan and their effortless embrace of confidence, vulnerability and genuine authenticity in their songs. We at THP were lucky enough to catch Snail Mail at a sold out night at King’s Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. 

Lindsey Jordan, the stylish, singer-songwriter is a force to be reckoned with. With the release of her sophomore album Valentine, the songstress has taken her rock-inspired sound and has made a name for herself with a signature lyrical flair that welcomes her audience with relatability and the kind of tracks we want to throw on repeat. 

Factoring in the balanced instrumentation of tracks found in Valentine not straying far too low energy or high key, Snail Mail has the authenticity of indie rock that not only we can listen to all day long, but hasn’t been heard in the indie rock scene in a while. 

We at THP were fortunate enough to catch Snail Mail off of the release of Valentine. And let us tell you, Honey Poppers, these are tracks we need to turn up, listen to, sing (and you know, cry?!) along to. 

And here’s the true insider tip: if you were vibing with female rockstar Soccer Mommy who we also caught last year, Snail Mail will always remain a must-listen on your next playlist. 

The release of Valentine shows listeners of Snail Mail new and from day one, the evolution of their style. An effortless, relaxed fusion of classical instrumentation with lyrics that we promise, hit hard. Valentine is the album you listen to when heartbroken, in love, or on the go for both. It’s growing up. And that’s the part of indie rock we have been missing.

It made for a night we’re still throwing on a song and we wish you could’ve been there Honey Poppers!

To show this incredibly talented group even more love, we’ve listed our go-to tracks here. Some we even got to hear live, too! And since we’re feeling it, that means you are going to as well.

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Our Top Go To Tracks from Snail Mail

  • ‘Pristine.’
  • ‘Madonna’
  • ‘Golden Dream.’
  • ‘Dirt.’ 
  • ‘c. et. al’

What’s your favorite song from each of these artists? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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