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INTERVIEW: earth2zoe Will Take Over The Planet. ‘ok bye.’

INTERVIEW: earth2zoe Will Take Over The Planet. ‘ok bye.’

You know that feeling when a song really resonates with you and can only be described as out-of-this-world? Yup, that’s the feeling we get when we listen to earth2zoe, especially her recent single ‘ok bye.’ This track is simply ethereal, breaking down the bittersweet ending of a relationship where you know it isn’t good for you, but still try to salvage it.

We got to ask earth2zoe all about ‘ok bye,’ the success she’s found so far, and her future plans! So buckle up and step into our rocket ship, because like zoe’s stardom, we’re only going up.

Congratulations on your new single, ‘ok bye!’ We’re in love with the lyrics and vocals on this track – what inspired it?
The inspiration behind ‘ok bye’ started from a relationship that just didn’t work out. ‘ok bye’ is about that feeling of trying to make a relationship work 1000 different ways, but sometimes it’s for the better to just say ok bye and end things. 

One of our favorite lines on ‘ok bye’ is “see you on TikTok with one of your h*es” since it’s such a funny (yet accurate) depiction of what it’s like to get your heart broken in the digital era. Is there a certain lyric on ‘ok bye’ that you’re especially proud of?
I’m proud lyrically of the chorus and how it came about. I think it really hits hard and gets the message across.

What’s something you want to say ‘ok bye’ to and move forward from?
Haha, I think like everyone else, I want to say “ok bye” to this pandemic!

On a better note, what’s something you want to say hello to and achieve in your career?
I want to be able to say hello to my fans in person.  I love to perform live, and I’m happy that those opportunities are becoming possible again.  I hope to achieve the opportunity to play some huge live shows.

‘Hallie’s Song’ became a hit so shortly after its release, thanks to both radio play and Spotify playlist placements. What was that reception like for you, and did it make it harder to choose a second single?
I was super overwhelmed as it was my first single and I didn’t expect everything that happened, because it was my first release. I think as an artist, it’s always hard after a song does well, because there’s an expectation/pressure for a killer follow-up. So yeah, totally lots of pressure and certainly a more challenging choice to make.

We haven’t gotten ‘Hallie’s Song’ or ‘ok bye’ out of our heads, so we have to ask if you have an album or EP on the way?
I have a few projects I’m working on currently, so I won’t say yes, but I also won’t say no. The music industry is very fast-paced and things can change by the day, so keep an eye out for me and let’s see what’s happening next!

You recently tweeted that “deleting ur savage paragraph to text back ‘ok bye’ is another level of self-control,” and we love that energy! If you could text absolutely anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and what would you say?
Honestly, there’s many unsent text messages I have stored away! If there was one person I could send a text message to, it would be my grandmother who’s not here anymore and I know she would be super excited and proud to see everything happening for me today!!

Since earth2zoe is in your name, if you could have a concert on any other planet (pretend the gaseous ones are solid) which would you choose?
100% MARS!!!!

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Who are some of your biggest musical influences, whether it’s someone you grew up listening to or someone who has inspired you recently?
Vocally, I’m very inspired by Camila Cabello. I’ve been listening to her music forever, but for some reason now I’ve been listening to her a lot and I’m very inspired by her artistry and music. I added one of her songs called ‘i have questions’ to my live show set and people LOVED it.

I’m also very inspired by the leading pop artists as that’s my main genre of music. Artists like Halsey, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, etc.

We hope we never have to say ‘ok bye’ to your music – what’s next for you and your fans to look forward to?
I hope so too! Definitely more & more music!!! I’ve been doing a lot of live shows lately, which has brought out a whole new energy within me!! And I’ve got lots of amazing music in the works so I know my fans will be epic things to look forward to.

We’ll definitely be looking forward to what earth2zoe has in store, and we’d like to thank her for answering all our questions! Now we have a question for you – what do you love most about ‘ok bye?’ Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more exclusive interviews with some of music’s brightest stars, click here.


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