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Exclusive Interview: Broadside

Exclusive Interview: Broadside

If you don’t know who Broadside is, you will after this. Broadside is a band we love so much here at THP. So when we found out we had the chance to chat with frontman Oliver Baxxter, we had to take advantage of the moment. Oliver was kind enough to chat all things tour and new music, as well as chatting a bit about musical inspirations.

Broadside has a new song out called ‘One Last Time’ which you can check out right here.

Hi and welcome to The Honey POP! We’re so happy to have you! For our readers who may not know who you are, can you share a bit about yourself?
Hello, my name is Oliver. Besides singing in my band Broadside, I also enjoy gardening, overthinking, and my beautiful miniature dachshund Leo (named after the great Leonardo DiCaprio).

 You’re on your first full US headliner. What’s that been like? How is headlining different from being an opening band?
So much pressure! There’s a lot more responsibility this time around. Nothing we can’t handle, but I feel like we’re being looked at through a new lens.

Speaking of opening bands, the lineup you guys have is fantastic. How did it all come together? What’s been your favorite part of the tour so far?
We wanted to bring out new cool bands. It was important that we continue on the good graciousness bands gave us back in the day. Due to Covid restrictions, we’re sticking around the venues, and that’s just allowed us to make each-other laugh. A lot.

‘One Last Time’ is an amazing song, we haven’t been able to stop listening to it! Is this going to be a standalone single, or can we expect more new music soon? Is a new Broadside era coming?
Because we have more freedom with our releases these days, we are treating each one as a special moment. Right now, this song felt perfect for summer. I think we will be in album mode closer to the new end of the year though.


Speaking of music, we’ve been wanting to ask ever since we heard Into The Raging Sea, what is the significance of the setting sun in your music? You mention it in ‘Old Bones’ as well as giving it a track itself on ITRS, and we’re just curious.
The setting sun to me is the end. I have a specific memory sitting on a brick wall with a close childhood friend, we looked out at a field and watched the sun rise. He’s no longer with me but I remember talking about just walking off into the nothingness of it all, just him and I. When he passed, I imagined what would have happened if we took that trip. So,to me the setting sun is the reminder, the end of opportunity, the adventure not taken. Thank you for asking that, no one has ever asked me.

 What was the process behind creating ‘One Last Time?’ How did that song start?In classic Broadside fashion, we wanted a song with emotional lyrics in a “dance along to my misery” sort of tone. The lyrics to me feel like a plea for our band, just sort of looking for a reminder that I should still be doing this.

 Ollie, you’ve said ‘One Last Time’ is a message to yourself and whoever else needs it, what overall message do you want fans to take away from the track or even from your music as a whole?
It’s okay to ask. It’s okay to talk about how miserable you are. My message these days is just “what’s my purpose?” I think a lot of people can relate to that.

What’s one thing you guys really want to accomplish as a band this year?
I really, really want to play festivals.

Aside from the tour that you’re currently on, what’s your dream tour lineup?
Daft Punk, The Weeknd, Kings Of Leon, The Strokes, The Cure. Broadside will play the parking lot as they walk into the respective arena.

Can you tell us your favorite song from each of the bands currently opening for you on tour?
Tattoo – Young Culture

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Last question! Just because we love spreading positivity and being sweet like honey, what is one sweet thing you can say about one another?
I’ve been with these guys for years, my band. It’s wild to watch them grow older and even more exciting to know that we are going to be a part of each other’s lives, probably until the very end. I love them, and I am so very proud of them.

A big thank you to Oliver for taking the time to talk with us! We loved getting to chat about the music we love so much. Have we successfully converted you into a Broadside fan yet? Head this way if you want more!

You can catch Broadside on tour right now by checking out their website linked below! And let us know all your thoughts in the comments or by finding us on Twitter or our other socials.


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