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Broadside’s New Track Is A ‘Bang’-er (Ft. Josh Roberts) You Need To Check Out

Broadside’s New Track Is A ‘Bang’-er (Ft. Josh Roberts) You Need To Check Out

Broadside heard “we need you to release a banger” and took it literally when they dropped ‘Bang.’ We do, in fact, love everything Broadside does and these recent new songs ‘Cruel’ and ‘Bang’ have us more stoked for their upcoming album than ever. Do we have any information about it other than the band teasing us on social media? No. But we’re still hyped. Oh, and Broadside ft. Josh Roberts of Magnolia Park is everything. Go stream ‘Bang’ for yourself and see what we mean.

We love Magnolia Park around THP HQ and Josh Roberts’ vocals are out of this world. He’s the perfect choice for ‘Bang’ and complements Oliver’s vocals so well. We’re obsessed with how he sings, “praying that whisky Jesus saves my life.” Speaking of which, Broadside and Magnolia Park are embarking on a short run of shows in August starting this week. If you want to see ‘Bang’ live with Josh, you better grab your tickets ASAP! We think there’s a very, very strong possibility you’ll hear ‘Bang’ live.

Broadside ft. Josh Roberts – ‘Bang’

First off, can we appreciate the ‘Bang’ music video for a second? Broadside decided to enter their acting era with ‘Cruel’ and that seems to extend to the ‘Bang’ mv too. Is there a Broadside Cinematic Universe set in various hotels in the works?? We wouldn’t be mad about it, just saying. This might not be a heist mv but we still love the storyline and the outfits. Oh, and that last shot? Yeah. Gotta love it. You definitely need to watch the music video.

One of Broadside’s many talents and defining qualities in creating their music is setting meaningful lyrics about heavier topics to catchy, upbeat tracks that make you double-take. ‘Bang’ is a perfect example of that. You’re sitting there, bopping along, and then you hear a line like this and just stop for a second to appreciate what it means:

Thought I’d be more than just the ghost of who I’d never been
I’m tripping up, with no luck In this dance with death’

‘Bang’ is a song about feeling like you’re living in a haunted body. It’s a representation of the lifelong battle with our own mind. Eventually you turn around and embrace that it all comes to an end.

Oliver Baxxter via press release

We’d recommend heading over to Oliver’s Twitter to see more of what he had to say about the track in response to fans. ‘Bang’ has a lot of layers in its lyrics inspired by his personal experiences and it hits deeper if you hear it from him. Again, this is just another reason why we love Broadside. That open vulnerability in the music lets us connect with it in a lot of ways and we appreciate that about it. ‘Bang’ is quickly becoming one of our favorite Broadside songs if we’re being honest.

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What do you think of Broadside’s new track? Do you love ‘Bang’ as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We’re always buzzing about something.

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