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These Are the Days: Inhaler’s Sold Out Two Night Tour Stop In Boston

These Are the Days: Inhaler’s Sold Out Two Night Tour Stop In Boston

Stopping by Boston on their newest tour, Inhaler played back-to-back nights at The Sinclair this week. Fans had waited outside since noon in hopes to get a good view and sing alongside Rob, Ryan, Josh, and Elijah. Inhaler sold out both nights and we got to attend the very first night! 

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

‘We Have To Move On’ But Don’t Want To

As soon as we entered the venue, the energy that filled the room was something that is hard to find. Each person had been hopefully waiting for this rescheduled stop on tour. Inhaler had planned to play a bigger venue earlier this year. However, with a long tour across the U.S, Inhaler mentioned how this was one of the only venues they could snag up in Boston. As the Sinclair is well known for being a smaller venue compared to some they have played recently, Elijah, the lead singer, had thanked the crowd for being there and mentioned how this show felt like home.  

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

‘A Night on the Floor’

Inhaler had brought the heat by singing some of their well-known hits like ‘Cheer Up Baby’ and ‘These are the Days.’ It was clear that each song was more well-received than the last as the night went on. Releasing ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ just about a year ago, the band got to play most of the songs off the new album. And with the love they have received on the charts, it was easy to see just how much the crowd had loved their discography. 

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

Set List

The tour show had been filled with high energy, perfect harmonies, and an amazing performance from each of the Inhaler boys. There was not a single moment that we would trade as we wished for more time jamming out all together. Hoping the boys stop back in Boston on their next tour, these two nights were some of the best and were a true testament to how these are the days and we’re just living in them.

Set List

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