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Exclusive Interview: Karen Harding Has Us On The ‘Other Side of Love’

Exclusive Interview: Karen Harding Has Us On The ‘Other Side of Love’

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Karen Harding has been accompanying us on the dancefloor for years now, and since her 2014 hit, ‘Say Something,’ she has not disappointed. Since then, she has been rolling out endless bops, such as her most recent track, ‘Other Side of Love!’

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‘Other Side of Love’ has been garnering great reviews, with listeners complimenting Karen’s amazing vocals and the lyrics! And we can’t blame them because Karen’s voice and lyrics have always been a standout since the beginning. Now we get to the chat with the singer all about ‘Other Sife of Love,’ as well as what we can look forward to with her upcoming album! So, check out why we love Karen so much!

Hi Karen! Welcome to The Honey POP! How has your summer been treating you? 
Hiiii! thank you for having me. My summer has been great thank you. A lot of gigging and getting a host of material together. 

At the beginning of July, you released your latest single, ‘Other Side Of Love,’ which we just want to say thank you because we do need more sad bops. We know you said you wrote it years ago with  Belle Humble and Chris Lorenzo. What made you choose now to release it? 
thank you so much. It’s one of those songs that has been sitting on my hard drive for so long and over the years I’ve always came back to it. A few other artists and producers worked on it along the way but it was never quite right and lacked the emotion I felt the track needed. I sent it to Franklin, who’s an incredibly talented producer and, he just understood exactly what it needed and that’s the version you can hear now!  

Did your listeners, and the public’s reaction to the track match up to the hype you had for it?  
What I find special about this record is that a lot of people have messaged me saying how much this track in particular speaks to them and what they’re going through. This is an unreal response for me, I wanted to speak truth in this record and I’m glad that fans can relate to that feeling.  

Image Source: Courtesy of Karen Harding

Our favorite lyrics from the track are in the pre-chorus “You need me like I need you / And we’ve exposed the inner truth / So I’II stay here until its light.” it reaches deep into our souls, what was your favorite line from the track? 
Well, you picked a good one! I think one of mine is “after all these years, we still haven’t given up, now we’re on the other side of love”. On a gig a few weeks back I got emosh when I was singing this song, every time I sing the lyrics they always get me all choked up. I hope that the lyrics of the song can get people through a stage in their relationship where it might be a bit turbulent and tough but if you feel like they’re ‘the one’ you have to persist, it’ll be worth it!  

Okay, so let’s rewind the clock; in 2014, your debut ‘Say Something’ charted, pretty iconic if we say so ourselves. Which then snowballed into more releases and doors opening. Has your outlook on creating music changed since then? 
To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing back then. I was so new to it all and how it all worked. One thing that hasn’t changed is the first instinct on a record. I knew ‘Say Something’ had something really special about it as soon as the demo landed in my inbox, I listened to it back to back and showed it to everyone I could, I was so proud of it!  I rarely get this feeling so when it happens I know the song is definitely going to come out.  

We know over time and with more experience, you become basically an expert in what you do, and we think you’re an expert in songwriting. Were there ever lyrics from a track that made you feel proud and think, “Wow, I wrote that?” 
Thank you very much. I wouldn’t say an expert haha! Every day, every session, every vocal, every song is different every time so you never know what approach you are going to take. I feel pride in a lot of lyrics I write, they’re a real insight into the artist and what they believe in. I really feel a sense of pride when other artists have taken songs I’ve written and released them, the love for the records never fades whether I sing them or not, and when they perform and connect with the lyrics it’s a pretty out of this world feeling.  

You’re always such a busy bee, how do you get so much stuff done without feeling overwhelmed? If you hit a roadblock how do you overcome it? 
I think it’s common for everyone to feel overwhelmed with work no matter what career path they choose. I just try to be honest with myself and my team, if I feel low, or like I need time to rejuvenate and clear my mind I take a break, a couple of days with my family, and take myself away from music always helps.  

We know you have an album on the way, we’re so excited for you and us! How are you feeling about it? What should we be expecting from it? 
I’m feeling excited. I feel like it’s very much overdue, and there’s some amazing music on it. I hope that it can really show people who ‘Karen Harding’ is. I’ve done a lot of collaborations over the years, and I just want to release some music that really has connected with me In a special way since I started making music and writing. 

We’ve had ‘Other Side Of Love’ stuck on repeat, what tracks are on your ‘On Repeat’ playlists? 
Oh! I’m in love with… Fred Again…  ‘Jungle’ can’t get enough of that one and ‘Therapy’ from salute. I’m a bit obsessed with listening to some of the albums that really inspire me, and I’m currently on ‘Confessions’ by Usher. One of the best.  

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Image Source: Karen Harding on Twitter (@KarenHarding)

What can we expect from Karen Harding for the rest of 2022?
Some really exciting releases! I’ve been working on these tracks in the background for a while now, and I think the world is ready!  

Karen, you’re right! Everyone is ready for some new music, and we can’t wait for you to show the world who Karen Harding is in your upcoming album!

Are y’all excited to see what Karen’s album will hold for us? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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