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Rosalía Gives Us Gems In Motomami+!

Rosalía Gives Us Gems In Motomami+!

As we all know, this is Rosalía‘s world, and we’re just living in it. What better way to celebrate a perfect album like MOTOMAMI than with the newest released deluxe version? We can’t stop listening to the new tracks! These new additions to her discography truly showcase what we love the most about Rosalía’s music: her unique vocals and her ability to experiment with new beats and sounds. Here are our faves from our Spanish queen!


We’re still in love with this song! ‘DESPECHÁ‘ is Rosalía’s perfect track to dance around without being ashamed of anything, and it’s our introduction to MOTOMAMI+. Can we go back to playing this tune over and over on our sunny days?


This song is the most personal from this deluxe version of MOTOMAMI, speaking about fame and everything that it entails. Rosalía‘s voice and the beats added throughout the chorus make ‘AISLAMIENTO’ one of our favorites from this album. The bridge and the outro are heavenly! She truly knows how to be vulnerable, and the passion that she brings while singing “Hay un muro entre yo y el mundo, no quiero que pienses que eso me da orgullo” is just priceless.


Rosalía brings a great transition to this part of the album with ‘LAX.’ The focus in her vocals, which slowly builds up an amazing instrumental during the outro, makes this track such a great moment to keep on listening to the last songs of the album.


This track perfectly describes how Rosalía is able to play with so many genres, even in the same song! ‘CHIRI’ used to be called ‘DINERO Y LIBERTAD.’ It was meant to be in the original version of the album, but it got rejected from the tracklist. We’re so glad Rosalía has released this masterpiece on MOTOMAMI+! The Spanish singer is such a versatile artist, going from a smooth first verse to a chorus that brings her vocals and the beats together. We will truly listen to it on repeat!

Rosalía just finished her Latin American leg of the MOTOMAMI WORLD TOUR, and she will continue her live performances throughout North America and Europe until December. Be sure to grab your tickets if you haven’t already!

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Which tracks from MOTOMAMI+ are your favorites? Are you going to see Rosalía live? Be sure to tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! And for more info on our favorite deluxe albums, click here!


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