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Here’s Every Song Lil Nas X Performs On The Long Live Montero Tour

Here’s Every Song Lil Nas X Performs On The Long Live Montero Tour

There are a lot of things Lil Nas X does well, between being an internet icon, our ultimate style inspo, and an incredibly vulnerable artist who can still make us dance. Add “making the perfect tour setlist” to his resume, because the Long Live Montero Tour is blowing our minds! From start to finish, this show delivers bop after bop, and even if you don’t have tickets, you deserve to experience how amazing it is. 

So we’re bringing the Long Live Montero Tour to you! We wanted to break down the setlist and what makes each song so special, complete with fan videos so you can feel like you’re standing in the crowd yourself. 


There’s a lot riding on the first song of a setlist – it has to set the energy for the rest of the show and get the crowd on their feet. Luckily, LNX made just the right choice with ‘Panini!’ We love that he starts the night with a bit of a throwback rather than a newer song, since it reminds longtime fans how far he’s come since releasing ‘Panini’ in 2019 while giving us all a sing-along moment for a classic. 


Simply put, ‘TALES OF DOMINICA’ is an absolute bop! That’s especially true when it’s the intergalactic version from the Long Live Montero Tour, which starts off with space-themed visuals before “landing” near a neon house with planets visible in the sky. We wouldn’t mind living there if the soundtrack was Lil Nas X songs.


Opening with a mellow piano, the tour version of ‘SUN GOES DOWN’ brings the vulnerability of the lyrics to center stage. It feels like a confessional conversation between LNX and the audience, which is a really special experience at such a big show with such a big star. Partner it with the bed prop that sits behind him and it’s a stunning theatrical moment!

‘Old Town Road’ + ‘Rodeo’

We’ve heard ‘Old Town Road’ live a ton, but the version we hear on the Long Live Montero Tour is special! Nas mashes it up with his early hit ‘Rodeo’ to add a little surprise for us while keeping it fresh so no one gets tired of hearing it. But who could get tired of hearing Lil Nas X? We can’t, and hopefully neither can the prop horse that his dancers bring out. 


Okay, this is where it’s gonna start looking like we’re yelling at you with these headers. Blame Nas for stylizing the MONTERO song titles in all caps! ‘DEAD RIGHT NOW’ looks back on his success so far and how much momentum he has for the future, all while casting off someone who didn’t give him the appreciation he deserves. Break out your Nintendo 3DS camera, because this is a moment you’ll want to relive later.


If there’s one Lil Nas X song that makes us scream along at the top of our lungs, it might just be the defiant ‘DONT WANT IT,’ which comes with regal magenta visuals that we’re obsessed with. And is that a little bit of Miss Beyoncé’s ‘PURE/HONEY’ in the mix? We really thought ‘DONT WANT IT’ couldn’t get any better, but we’re happy to have been proven wrong.


After insisting that he ‘DONT WANT IT,’ Nas flips it and tells us that he does, in fact, want it. Interesting. What we want is more of this gorgeous pink set and amazing matching costumes! The way he sikes the crowd into singing, “these days I’m way too lonely, I’m missing out, I know” a little too early is always a standout moment, and we’re still blown away by the new guitar and trap beats on the second verse.


Sorry, were we in the middle of something? Not gonna lie, we always get a little lost in ‘LOST IN THE CITADEL’ when we listen to it! It’s the ultimate unrequited love anthem that never fails to get us in our feelings, especially since you can hear so much emotion in Nas’ voice. Add some amazing pink outfits and we’re ‘LOST IN THE CITADEL’ stans for life. 

‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’

Would it really be the MONTERO Tour if we didn’t hear the title track? The song opens with an ominous string intro as Nas comes out of a gemstone… or an egg… or a closed flower… or something. Whatever it is, it’s really cool. Meanwhile, the backdrop and red lights bring us back to that iconic Devil scene from the music video. By the end of the song, he’s returned to the dreamy landscape of the album cover with giant blue butterfly wings!

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‘Down Souf H*es’

We’re not-so-patiently waiting to hear the studio version of this collab with Saucy Santana, but at least we can watch performance videos to hold us over until it drops! The energy during this song is immaculate and it looks like the crowd is having the best time. Our thoughts about this track are pretty much summed up by the outro lyrics: “already iconic, already iconic, already iconic…” 


‘SCOOP’ with Doja Cat has always felt like an expensive song to us, so it was awesome to see the luxurious gold visuals and smooth choreography! This performance brings the energy of the track to life so well and he integrated Doja’s verse so effortlessly. The only thing that could make this better is if Doja jumped out onstage and surprised everyone to rap her section.


Lil Nas X did, in fact, tell us long ago on the road that he’s got what we were waiting for. And what we were waiting for was to hear ‘INDUSTRY BABY’ live on tour! We’re heading back to Montero State Prison for the final song of the main set, and as impressive as it is that he has a “couple racks, ay, couple GRAMMYs on him, couple plaques,” we gotta say the most impressive part of Nas’ artistry is how he can connect with fans and move an audience. 

‘Star Walkin’’

You better not be walkin’ out of the venue before LNX comes back for his encore, because he plays ‘Star Walkin’’ after his main set comes to an end! This yet-to-be-released track already has our hearts, and we know it has the crowd on their feet every night. Imagine what the energy will be like after it comes out?!



♬ STAR WALKIN’ (League of Legends Worlds Anthem) – Lil Nas X

What’s your favorite song Lil Nas X performs on the Long Live Montero Tour? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Grab your tickets to a show here and be sure to check out more of our LNX content right here


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