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Khalid Communicates With Us Via ‘Satellite’

Khalid Communicates With Us Via ‘Satellite’

Khalid never ceases to amaze us! This year he has released a few new songs: some features, remixes, and others for his forthcoming third album. With his latest single ‘Satellite’ plus its music video, we can’t wait for what else is to come! In the meantime, we will be playing this song over and over again.

A Music Video That Takes Us To The Beyond

The visuals, lyrics, vocals, and dances are *chefs kiss*- Khalid went off. The ‘Satellite’ music video, directed by Levi Turner, takes us beyond Earth a.k.a. outer space, and based on the visuals of this video: it makes us want to take a quick trip up there🚀. From the color aesthetics of purples and blues, it leaves us questioning if there might be a deeper meaning or an easter egg to the song.

Khalid took us by surprise with some choreography that was seen through the music video. Surprised? Yes. Shocked? No. We knew that Khalid was hiding some moves and he killed it! Recently, Khalid has shared snippets behind the making of ‘Satellite’ on his YouTube shorts ranging from the shooting of the cover for the single to three-dimensional scans of Khalid. Catch the first episode here.

Fresh Melody And Lyrics

Khalid’s melodic vocals and 80’s inspired pop beat show us a fresh new side of his artistic abilities. The lyrics, I watch you drift away into the dark/ Sometimes I sit and wonder where you are, give the story of losing someone and wondering why they are always crossing your mind, hence, the satellite reference🤯. Khalid = Genius.

I’m having so much fun with music lately and I can’t wait for you guys to join me on this journey. Every day is a step towards me evolving as an artist, but this one right here [Satellite]… it feels special. I hold this dear to my heart! thank you guys for always holding me down.

Khalid via Instagram

Khalid is truly a global superstar and has evolved through the years, and we are excited for the new era with his next album which is set to release later this year. Make sure to add ‘Satellite’ to your playlist here.

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