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INTERVIEW: Stevie Bill On ‘Messy,’ Her Upcoming EP, And More!

INTERVIEW: Stevie Bill On ‘Messy,’ Her Upcoming EP, And More!

Sometimes, no matter how simple we hope our lives will be, it gets a little messy. It can be chaotic, things can feel like they’re constantly spinning, and we get lost along the way. But in a way, those moments can be kinda poetic, no? Those times can be the times in which we find ourselves and cement who we want to be. And no one knows that better than Stevie Bill, one of our favorite rising stars!

Stevie’s new single, ‘Messy,’ summarizes the positives of those confusing times in our lives, describing a complicated relationship that’s worth all the ups and downs because of how happy it makes her. It’s about letting go of your expectations and plans in favor of taking life one step at a time and seeing where it brings you. And we got to ask her all about it!

Listen to ‘Messy’ below and keep reading for our exclusive interview!

Congrats on your new single, ‘Messy!’ How does it feel to finally share the song with the world?
Thank you!! It feels crazy and so exciting. Especially now that this is single number 3 of the EP. I feel like I’m finally starting to build a little world.

What does the song ‘Messy’ mean to you?
It means a lot to me because it goes back to the time in my life where everything in my life felt unsure, but also really exciting. Everything was a little messed up, Covid just started to calm down, life didn’t feel real. There was so much room to be messy and have fun. I was exploring myself a lot at that time and this song brings me back to those good memories.

Is there a certain lyric on ‘Messy’ that you’re particularly proud of?
“I like it messy like that!” Me and my roommate were crunching our heads over this. With the hook, the whole song just fell into place. It’s the most important part of the song and it’s just so simple but accurate and playful, the way it was intended to be.

We love how vivid the imagery is on ‘Messy’ – we can practically see the story unfolding in our heads! Do you have any plans for a music video bringing the story to life? [NOTE: The music video is out now – check it out above!]
YES. The music video is literally a modern version of the movie Grease. It’s super spicy and exciting. And there’s kissing involved (wink wink).

Another thing we love about your work is how each song seems to have its own personality even though they flow really well together! When you’re making a new song, do you think about how it’ll fit with your previous work or do you focus more on its individual energy?
I think one of my “struggles” is that I love so many different types of music, so this is what happens. It will go from rock, to hyperpop-ish, to R&B. I like to focus on the individual energy of the song because I’ve let go of the idea that it all needs to fit. F*ck it. Be messy. When I get too worried about that sort of stuff, I just try to remember why I do music. I just do it because I like it. So, if I like it, that’s enough reason for me to put it onto an EP with another song that I like. I always hope people will just understand that they’re all parts of me.

In addition to ‘Messy,’ we’ve had your recent singles ‘Good luck to your new girlfriend’ and ‘The Boy Who Cried Love’ on repeat! Do you feel like those three songs connect to each other?
YAY thanks!! Yes, I do feel like they connect, because they’re all stories about sh*t falling apart. In ‘Good luck to your new girlfriend’ you’re still angry, in ‘The Boy Who Cried Love’ you’re slowly moving on, and in ‘Messy’ it’s time for something new. They’re all stages of the messy drama that goes on in life sometimes, making fun of it with some bangers. ‘Cause what else are we supposed to do with it?!!

We’re so stoked about your new EP, named after ‘Messy!’ Is there a certain song you’re most excited for fans to hear? What’s it like to prepare a full project versus preparing a single?
To be honest, ‘Messy’ has always been my favorite. This song set the tone for the whole EP. It’s also my life mantra. I try to live by “I like it messy like that” so I can accept when things aren’t perfect.

How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist since releasing ‘The Hotel’ in 2020?
So much has happened between then and now, I feel like I’ve just experienced more life. I’ve grown so much as a person, and that definitely goes into my music. But I feel like I need to rediscover myself after every project. So, I don’t know if I’m wiser, or more mature. Just different.

At THP, we’re all about discovering new talent and finding the next big hit before it blows up. Who are some up-and-coming artists you’re digging lately?
My friends!! Jacob Geoffrey, Killmesumday, Juliet Ivy, Alesloveletters, Jeffrey Eli, Gabby Start. The list goes on. I’m surrounded by such musical people. They inspire me all the time, it’s crazyyyy.

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For anyone who isn’t familiar with your music already, which of your songs would you recommend to them to get a feel for who you are as an artist?
Definitely the ones I just released! ‘The Boy Who Cried Love,’ ‘Good luck to your new girlfriend,’ and ‘Messy.’ Those are the best representations of my sound at the moment!

What can your fans look forward to in the rest of 2022?
My EP release in November! I will also be playing a really cool show at Baby’s All Right opening for Rei Brown. In the meantime, I’ll be writing new music, and hopefully get to know more people online thruuu my platform.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention that the questions didn’t touch on?
I’d like to ask the readers a question: What do you like better: Frogs or cheese? Lmk xoxo

That question has never crossed our minds, but now that it has, it’s all we can think about! While we mull it over, we’re gonna be streaming Stevie Bill’s ‘Messy’ and getting excited for her new EP. What would your personal choice be? Let us (and Stevie) know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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