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Get Comfy with ‘Breakfast in Bed’ And Stephanie Poetri’s New Video In This Exclusive Interview

Get Comfy with ‘Breakfast in Bed’ And Stephanie Poetri’s New Video In This Exclusive Interview


Wipe your sleepy eyes, fellow bees, as it’s time to sit up and enjoy Stephanie Poetri’s newest single and some ‘Breakfast in Bed!’ The perfect track to a love-filled morning, Stephanie is the model example of bedroom pop vibes, and we are so here for it. And to top it off, we have gnash’s silk-like vocals on the track, giving us the perfect accompaniment to Stephanie’s! Catch us blasting this on an early Saturday afternoon as we fix our coffee and prep for a relaxing day.


We loved ‘Breakfast in Bed’ so much that we just had to talk with Stephanie about who inspired the track and the adorable video to go along with it! Take a look at the video as well as our exclusive interview below!

With a middle name like, Poetri, your parents definitely set you up for success in lyricism! If you had to pick one line from one of your songs to be what you were remembered by, what would you pick?
oh that’s a hard one! Maybeee… my recent song ‘Breakfast in Bed’ has a line that says “You’re like a theme song thats stuck in my head”

We’re obsessed with the collaboration with gnash! How did you two end up working together?
We just had a session together where originally he was just helping me songwrite but the song was so pretty I wanted him to hop on in the second verse!

Did this collaboration teach you anything that’s stuck with you?
To be honest, the biggest thing that stuck with me was how much of a lyrical genius Garrett is haha

You released ‘Do You Love Me’ in 2020, and now this year, you’ve released a whole EP about being in love as well as your newest single, ‘Breakfast in Bed.’ Is there a special someone that’s inspired the “in love” theme? Where do you usually find inspiration for your songs?
Before I was mostly taking inspiration in other peoples stories but I’ve recently met someone during the pandemic that has inspired me for all these songs! Although, some songs are still inspired by random stories I make up in my head

How do you think you’ve grown from 2020 to now?
I’ve accepted my limitations more

‘Breakfast in Bed’ is one of the best things to wake up to! So we must know, what’s your favorite TV show and what breakfast do you love to eat while watching it in bed?
I’ve been watching House of the Dragons! and I love a good waffle and tea combo!

We love the home video style of the ‘Breakfast in Bed’ video. Who’s idea was the visuals, and what part did you have the most fun filming?
I sent over several references and vibes I wanted, but it was all a group decision with the director and the creatives in 88!

You released your first single, ‘Appreciate,’ in both Indonesian and English. Do you have plans for any more dual-language projects?
Maybe! I’d love to put out an Indonesian song for sure! I’d need some help writing it though!

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If you could re-record one of your tracks in Indonesian, which would it be?
Maybe, Please Don’t Die Before I Do, since it’s a ballad and ballads sound so good in Indonesian!

What can fans look forward to in the coming year?
More songs and content and hopefully some more ways they can enjoy my art!

We bet that you’ve already added this bop to your playlists! How perfect is Stephanie Poetri’s collaboration with gnash? What other tracks give you ‘Breakfast in Bed’ vibes? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Twitter! You can also catch us on Instagram and Facebook.

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