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Join Rachel Grae’s Friend-Base In This Exclusive Interview

Join Rachel Grae’s Friend-Base In This Exclusive Interview

Rachel Grae

Here at THP HQ, we love new friends. Especially when they are putting out some of our favorite tracks at the moment! Friends like Rachel Grae, who recently released ‘Right Person Right Time’ and who cares so much about her fans, or should we say, friend-base, that she talks them through troubles like they’ve known each other for years!

You know what else we love? When artists write relatable songs we can scream the lyrics to, so of course, when we got the chance to talk with Rachel we had to pick her brain on songwriting and performing! We also got a look into her recent projects, what’s to come, and so much more!

Buckle your seat belts and let’s dive in below!

You use songwriting as a form of therapy for you, when you sit down to write a song how do you get into the mindset that will allow you to put those tough feelings into words without the emotions becoming overwhelming?
The honest truth is that sometimes it can become overwhelming, but that’s the most beautiful part about writing. I write about topics that I normally wouldn’t speak about because it allows me to heal throughout the process. My favorite part of writing is turning an ugly situation into something beautiful. When a topic feels heavy, that’s an indication that my emotions will shine through as more real and genuine feelings, which I hope can help listeners process similar emotions.

You are taking life coaching courses & helping people who reach out through social media with their mental health! We know you are following in your dad’s footsteps but aside from that, what about that field of study called to you?
I actually haven’t started life coaching courses yet, but it is definitely something I’m passionate about and want to dive into when the time is right. My dad took courses for life coaching and it inspired me to want to do the same. I think it’s really important to know more about your mind/body and how it works. It allows for you to be more aware of your own feelings and how to go about dealing with others’ feelings around you as well. I think it would allow me to become more in touch with emotions in general, which I could use to help people who listen to my music.

What are some of your favorite things about helping others who are struggling?
I love that I’m becoming an outlet for people who need an escape from whatever they are going through. Growing up, I never felt comfortable speaking to people about my struggles, so instead, I searched for other ways to cope. And for me, that was through music. All I want is for people to feel less alone and to know that what they are feeling is often temporary. I’ve always loved being there for people in my life and giving them that extra push that they need. I’ve never wanted to help other people to make myself feel good; I just care a lot about the people around me.

What are some of your biggest tips/advice you like to share with your friend-base (which is the name you’ve given to your fanbase)?
My biggest piece of advice is to do what you love – life is too short to not take risks! The only way you can grow is outside of your comfort zone. Another piece of advice is “everything happens for a reason.” I know it is said all the time, but once you build that mindset, the bigger issues feel a little more manageable. There is so much advice I want to share with everyone, but I’ll save the rest for my music 🙂

You are a busy bee! How do you balance your everyday life responsibilities with your music responsibilities so well? What is the hardest part about juggling so many things at once, and what do you do to destress after working so hard?
I’m honestly still trying to figure out how to balance life/work because my work doesn’t usually feel like work. I’m a big routine person, and that has helped tremendously. In the morning, I wake up, journal, go for a walk, make myself breakfast, check my calendar, and then plan out my day. I think organization and setting time away in a day to just give myself a little break is definitely what helps the most.

Also in line with de-stressing, you got your start on social media by sharing your singing videos anonymously! You have garnered a devoted following of fans, but oftentimes with social media fame comes a lot of negativity as well! How do you cope with any negativity thrown your way? Do you feel like having some knowledge about life coaching other people and mental health awareness that it helps you deal with those situations better as opposed to those who don’t have that kind of knowledge?
I think it’s all about perspective. Trying to put yourself in the other person’s shoes can help things make more sense. 1. They don’t know me, so their words can only hold so much weight, and 2. “hurt people hurt people ” is such a true thing. If I am scrolling through social media and see something I don’t enjoy, I scroll to the next video. The thought of stopping and making a hurtful comment on someone’s post isn’t even a thought that crosses my mind. Clearly, the person on the other end needs to fill some sort of void and if they take it out on me, so be it. I genuinely feel bad for the people that hate on others. It’s a huge reflection of who they are and what they’re going through. I never get mad at hateful comments. I honestly just hope they heal.

You have a dream to create a fashion line, if we could make your dream come true, what would you call it (we think calling it ‘GRAE’ would be ICONIC), and what sort of style would be your primary focus for the line?
Creating a fashion line is definitely a huge goal for me. I would call the clothing line ‘GRAE.’ I think I’m going to leave the rest a secret for now 🙂

Your perfect makeup routine includes some legendary names like Charlotte Tilbury! What are some of your favorite products to use from these brands?
Some of my favorite makeup products to use from Charlotte Tilbury are the flawless filter foundation, pillowtalk lipstick/lip liner, the airbrush flawless filter finish, and of course the liquid bronzer, blush, and highlighter. My go to concealer is Nars. My most asked question is what mascara I use and the answer is Benefit Roller lash and Bad Gal Bang. My go to highlighter is from Kylie, my go to bronzer is Hoola from benefit, my go to blush is also benefit, and my go to lip gloss is buxom.

Would you ever consider having a sustainable makeup line to go along with your clothing line?
I would 100% consider having a sustainable makeup line to go along with my clothing line.

Image Source: Daniel Alexander Harris

You have already worked with some incredible names! Do you have a favorite memory that you treasure so deeply from any of the times you’ve worked with Nick Lopez, Dave Gibson, Ed Holloway, or Justin Gammella?
This is a hard question because I make such incredible memories with everyone I work with. I think one of my stand out memories was my session with Dave Gibson. We wrote such a special song together about a conversation I had with a homeless woman I met right before going to the session. The patience and energy put into that song was so beautiful. We both wanted to make sure the story came out the same exact way the conversation did. I’m really excited for everyone to eventually hear it.

Did any of them give you any words of wisdom or advice that you still abide by today?
The more I work with other creatives, the more I dig into authenticity. I can’t remember who this conversation was with, but I remember talking to someone about how writing a song in the moment you’re feeling those emotions is so beautiful because of how real it comes across to the listener. I just try my best to stay true to myself and make music that makes me feel something while writing it.

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You are a woman full of dreams and we LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT! Let’s talk about the plans you dream of for a music project to “help the homeless” and tell their stories. If you don’t mind us asking, what sort of ideas do you have in mind for that project? Would you be writing songs for each person or would it be more like a documentary-style movie complete with mood music and each person telling their story to the camera? We are genuinely so curious and obsessed with the idea!
I have a huge heart for the homeless and want to use my platform to tell their stories. I do have a general idea for a project in this vein down the road, but not quite ready to share details yet!

You have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Brody! As dog people, we have to know all about this little guy! How long have you had him? How old is he? What’s his favorite food? Can we send him treats? LOL
Brody is my best friend. He’s six years old and I’ve had him his whole life. His favorite food definitely has to be either pirate booty, apples, or sadly…socks lol. He definitely loves his dog treats as well but I think we spoil him a bit too much with human food.

When you played NYC Rockwood Music Hall earlier this year, you had fans waiting outside the venue for hours before the show with signs, etc.! What were you feeling during that time and how are you feeling about returning to the venue in November?
It was really cool to sell out my show and to finally see the people in person that have supported me online for the past few months. Nothing beats the feeling of performing live and seeing those reactions in person! Also, hearing your songs sung back to you is so, so special. I’m excited to see those fans and tease a few unreleased songs at the show on November 26!

New songs? Count us in! We can’t wait to hear what Rachel has in store and if it’s anything like ‘Right Person Right Time,’ we just know it will be amazing! What’s your favorite lyric in ‘Right Person Right Time?’ Let us know in the comments below or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP! You can also catch us on Instagram and Facebook!

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