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Flo Kwassi Stole Our Hearts With Pure Talent

Flo Kwassi Stole Our Hearts With Pure Talent

Flo Kwassi

We at The Honey POP love to share good music with our lovely readers, and we have an incredible artist to present to you! If you have heard of Flo Kwassi, we hope you are loving her as much as us. And, if you haven’t, let us tell you why she should be in your playlists ASAP!

We have always admired and will continue to do so when artists get vulnerable in their music. Flo Kwassi not only does that but also shows the empowered woman she has become, all this through her 3-song debut EP, Monsters. On top of that, we get to experience the powerful voice of this talented singer!

The EP was inspired by lost love, and it allows us to take a look at the artist, who acknowledges her problems and shows courage in facing her monsters.

I feel like I wasn’t really ever able to even stand. To set my feet on the ground. Like everything is slippery. It leaves a sting and a feeling of imprisonment. Of forced silence. But it is always in my darkest moments that I find lights. Through toxic relationship, betrayal, and addiction, I found strength and I found love. I know it can sound super kitsch, but it is what it is. Everything always begins from that place.

Flo Kwassi on her inspiration behind the EP

It’s time to check out her songs and let them speak for themselves. Get ready to dive into the works of Flo Kwassi. We guarantee you’ll love it!

Listen to the full EP here!


We’re starting off with the song carrying the name of the EP itself. And, to make this even better, the track got its own music video. It adds to the artistry already shown through the versatile sound and thrilling lyrics. Dark and absolutely captivating, everything about this musical number is to be loved.

Moreover, it calls us to face our fears instead of running from them. We all have ‘monsters’ that we are too scared of and prefer to avoid, hoping they will simply go away. Sadly, they usually don’t, but fear not! Flo Kwassi is giving us that little encouragement that we sometimes need to stand up and get ready to conquer our monsters. Like she sings, being close to them can be thrilling on its own, in a very good way.

‘Dark Side’

Next on the list is ‘Dark Side,’ which focuses on dealing with addiction. The song has quite an interesting sound to look forward to. It makes us think of how overwhelming things can be when temptation is present and how it can feel like there is no way out. Despite that strong feeling that can overtake you, there is always a way to get through it and leave the darkness behind.

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‘Snake Eyes’

The last piece on the EP gives off the feeling of being a message to be cautious, relayed through music. Openly singing “beware, beware” is more than a confirmation of that vibe. It’s yet another call to open one’s eyes and be careful about the people we associate with, especially on a more close note, as those relationships tend to hurt the most when they don’t work out.

We can’t get enough of everything Monsters has to offer. Every listen seems to reveal a sound or lyric that we missed or didn’t apprehend at first, and it’s oh-so-great. What are your thoughts on Flo Kwassi? Are you going to keep your eyes on her like we are? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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