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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hunter Daily Shares Stellar Single ‘Skeleton Key’

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hunter Daily Shares Stellar Single ‘Skeleton Key’

We were so excited when we got to chat with Hunter Daily about her new music and what’s ahead for her! Despite being at the start of her career, she has so much songwriting skill and a wealth of vocal talent. We have a feeling if you’re not already familiar with Hunter Daily, you’re going to be hearing a whole lot more from her. Good thing we’re here to catch you up to speed and show you her gorgeous latest single, ‘Skeleton Key!’

You can check out the lyric video for her stellar single ‘Skeleton Key’ below and read on for our exclusive interview, where we talk about everything from her debut single ‘Die In LA’ to her newest release and her musical journey so far.

Your debut single ‘Die In LA’ struck a chord with a lot of people, and it’s truly a beautiful piece of work. What was it like to have such a positive reaction to your first single?
It makes me so happy! I love ‘Die in LA!’ As soon as I wrote it, I knew I wanted it to be my first single because it really tells my story, and it felt relatable to anyone living in LA or just stuck in their hometown.

We’ve loved all your releases so far, and we were wondering, with a group of songs this good tucked away, how did you choose what to put out first?
Honestly, I trusted my team a lot with the release schedule! I was adamant about ‘Die in LA’ coming out first, but other than that, I’ve been trusting their guidance! I’m really excited to put out my next few songs and the order they are being released!

Your lyrics in ‘Skeleton Key’ paint a very visceral picture, and that’s reflected in the lyric video. Do you consider the visuals and videos when you’re songwriting, or do they follow after?
The visuals definitely come into mind after the song has been written. I spend a lot of time making mood boards, and just listening and visualizing the song, trying to find the visual space.

We know you worked with Jenna Andrews (songwriter on BTS’ ‘Butter’ and Benee’s ‘Supalonely’) on this release, and she has nothing but wonderful things to say about you! How did that collaboration come about?
We actually were introduced by Ron Fair, who is the genius behind a lot of the classic Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera songs! Jenna and I zoomed a lot at first, and then met in the middle of Covid and hit it off right away. I love Jenna and am very grateful to have her on my team.

You have a really distinct voice and a sense of vulnerability as a songwriter. Did it take a while to establish that voice, or has songwriting been something that has come naturally to you?
I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a late bloomer. My drive came naturally, but I think the actual skill was a result of a lot of hours put in.

Do you have a favorite line that you’ve written?
There’s more to life than palm trees, and looking good at parties” (from ‘Die in LA’).

You have a steadily growing fanbase on social media, and one of the ways we’ve noticed you interact with them is TikTok. Your feed is full of fun videos and you showcasing your amazing music, but there’s also some honest videos about your life and personal experiences. Is it important to you to show people the more intimate parts of you both in your art and in day-to-day life?
Yeah, because I’m a new artist, I’d like to be open and vulnerable in hopes that people will relate! I’m trying my best to be myself on the internet.

We loved the behind-the-scenes for your music video shoots. It’s so nice to see how excited you are, and it looks like a lot of fun! What are your favorite parts of the video creation process?
My favorite parts are the actual set days! Editing can be very rewarding as well, but I love collaborating with people in person and having creatives come together to make something great. It’s very inspiring to me.

You’ve posted some really lovely song covers on Insta, including Billie Eilish’s ‘Male Fantasy’ and Edith Piaf’s classic ‘La Vie En Rose.’ Are there any other artists that you feel inspired by or are dominating your playlists right now?
Currently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Kasey Musgraves, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and Lizzy Mcalpine!

You seem to have a really close relationship with your sister, Tyson, and have even written some of your music with her. What’s it like collaborating creatively with someone who knows you so well?
Yes, I’m super close with my family! My sister (Tyson) and me, wrote a lot of songs for our group project during the pandemic. At the time, it was cool because we were so close that I could empathize with a lot of her problems and she could empathize with a lot of mine. It made for a lot of good writing topics!

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Speaking of family, how has having parents who are well-known in the entertainment industry helped prepare you to launch your music career? Have they passed on any wisdom or advice?
I don’t know if it’s helped launch my music career any further, but because my mom is a singer, I was able to go to her for a lot of performance advice, as well as writing tips, etc!

Lastly, we know you’ve got an EP coming out soon, which we are so looking forward to! Are there any little bits of info or hints about it that you can give us and our readers?
I’m just really excited about getting my music out for everyone to hear. There may also be a few surprises or collabs. We will just have to wait and see!

Image Source: Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR

We can’t wait to hear Hunter’s full EP! Until it comes out, we’ll be listening to her singles playlist on a loop! It was so fun to talk to Hunter and learn more about her and her music! Make sure you stay up to date on all her socials for more music and any future announcements!

Have we converted you into a Hunter Daily fan? Let us know your favorite song in the comments or let us know on Twitter! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram if that’s more your style and we love hearing from you!



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