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We’ve Spent All Night Thinking About Sebastian Yatra’s ‘Una Noche Sin Pensar!’

We’ve Spent All Night Thinking About Sebastian Yatra’s ‘Una Noche Sin Pensar!’

Sebastian Yatra just released his newest track, ‘Una Noche Sin Pensar,’ which translates to ‘A Night Without Thinking,’ and unlike the song title, we’ve been up all night. We get so excited whenever Sebastian releases a new track; it’s like Christmas! So, of course, when we heard this new release, we knew you needed to hear about it!

Sebastian, You’ve Done It Again!

It never fails to amaze us how talented Sebastian Yatra is! Every new release blows us out of the water, leaving us completely speechless, and this release is no different! How he manages to keep us hanging on to every word, we will never understand. Maybe it’s magic; maybe it’s Maybelline.

There are truly no words to describe how excited we get at the idea of more Sebastian Yatra songs. When our Spotify showed us ‘Una Noche Sin Pensar,’ we all but exploded. If you happened to hear really terrible singing, our bad, that was just us! (We’re not actually sorry, the song’s just too good!)

The Music Video… Cinematic Gold!

When watching music videos, we always look for the story, and Sebastian Yatra gave us more than that. He gave us an entire movie in 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Talk about art. The videographers blew us away with the beauty of this video. Rumor has it our jaws are still on the floor. (We started that rumor because it’s true.)

Watching Milena Smit and Sebastian Yatra showing such passion and genuinely having a good time throughout the music video was amazing. We were absolutely mesmerized by the chemistry the two shared. Milena was beautiful, and she radiated through the screen. We are obsessed with this duo.

We’re Definitely Obsessed With This Track!

This track has been on repeat in our heads and in our hearts. We can’t get enough of this song, especially in the bridge. The way his voice flows so smoothly? Absolute art! We’re no music producers, but we are fans, and we are obsessed!

Everything from the lyrics to the composition is absolutely beautiful. Our only complaint is that it left us wanting more. We are so excited for whatever new music is to come. Our only hope is that it will come soon. Sebastian, we’re going to be first in line for the next release!

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Sebastian Yatra remains one of our favorite artists! His voice, his energy, and the songs he releases are so beautiful we can’t help but be obsessed! One thing about Sebastian, he’s gonna show the world what he’s got! And what he’s got is loads of talent.

Have you listened to ‘Una Noche Sin Pensar?’ Are you as obsessed with it as we are? What did you think about the music video? Are you excited about all that this year is going to bring for Sebastian Yatra? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you’re looking for a safe space to talk about all things pop culture, find us on Discord!


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