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New Music Weekly: Chelsea Collins And More!

New Music Weekly: Chelsea Collins And More!

It’s the best time of the week! New Music Weekly is here and we’ve got so many incredible tracks spanning genres, and so many album announcements to share with you! Let’s get into it!

Chelsea Collins – ‘Wish U Hell’

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Listen, 2022 is the year of Chelsea Collins, we’re calling it right now.

All you need to do to be right there with us is listen to ‘Wish U Hell.’ Going into the new year we all need to take a page from Chelsea Collins book and stop sitting still and looking pretty for people that are toxic in our lives. This song is a complete anthem aimed at anyone who has done her wrong, we’re here for this energy.

Stream ‘Wish U Hell’ here!

Anna Shoemaker – ‘Everything is Fine’

Not only did we get this incredible track from Anna Shoemaker on this week’s new music weekly, but we also got the announcement of her debut album which will be out on March 2nd!

If the honesty of ‘Everything is Fine’ is any indication, we’re going to become completely attached to her album. We will always ride for a killer singer-songwriter.

Stream ‘Everything is Fine’ here!

JATK – ‘Don’t Call’

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This new music weekly is not disappointing! We’ve got another debut album announcement accompanied by a single, ‘Don’t Call,’ which we can’t turn off! Any chance we have to dive into a new artist who’s taking on the genre combining the world of R&B-pop we’re betting pumped! JATK smashes it.

Stream ‘Don’t Call’ here!

DBMK – ‘Chains’

In 2022 the world feels so daunting at times, and that feeling can be isolating. ‘Chains’ is here to let us know, not only are we not alone in that feeling, but maybe we can not let it be all-consuming and actually have some fun along the way.

‘Chains’ is exactly the track we needed right now.

Stream ‘Chains’ here!

Alexa Dark – ‘Ungrateful’

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Alexa Dark is gearing up to be a complete force in the music industry. The killer voice and the feel of ‘Ungrateful’ all make for the perfect winter listen. If you’re a fan of artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Alexa Dark is a must listen! Alt-pop blowing up over the last few years has been the biggest blessing!

Stream ‘Ungrateful’ here!

Holly Humberstone – ‘London Is Lonely’

Holly Humberstone is the moment! Seemingly the whole world is in love with her, and for good reason! With each release, it becomes more clear that we’re witnessing true greatness, that streak continues with ‘London Is Lonely.’ While her entire discography is unreal, (shout out to ‘Scarlett’) ‘London Is Lonely’ is at the top for us.

Stream ‘London Is Lonely’ here!

Griff x Sigrid – ‘Head On Fire’

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Everything these two touch turns to gold, so it’s no surprise that ‘Head On Fire’ is an absolute smash. Even though it’s winter, we can already guarantee that ‘Head On Fire’ will be on repeat all through our summer. We are going to need an entire collaboration EP asap from Griff and Sigrid.

Stream ‘Head On Fire’ here!

Lilyisthatyou – ‘Purity’

We have found your new favorite artist this new music weekly! ‘Purity’ is only the third song we’re hearing from Lilyisthatyou, but has cemented her as a permanent part of our playlists. From the chant-like flow to the message of standing up for yourself and not letting someone weaponize your body and choices against you, we are obsessed!

Stream ‘Purity’ here!

See Also

Nick Mono – ‘All The Money’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Nick Mono”]

Nick Mono has a voice that we can’t get enough of. Thank god we are getting an entire EP on March 11th, because after hearing ‘All The Money,’ we just want to non-stop vibe to all of these tracks. We need a late-night drive with ‘All The Money’ playing at the loudest volume possible right away.

Stream ‘All The Money’ here!

Teddy Swims – Tough Love

We don’t have to tell you that Teddy Swims has one of the best voices in music, everyone who has ever heard him already knows that.

We have had Tough Love on a loop since its release. It consistently blows us away from that someone is as talented as he is! While we love the entire EP, you have to check out ‘Simple Things.’

Stream Tough Love here!

Sebastián Yatra – Dharma

[apple_music_ad artist=”Sebastián Yatra”]

If Sebastián Yatra isn’t on your radar, this new music weekly is where you change that! You’re welcome in advance! Lucky for you we’ve got an entire album for you to check out, after the first listen we completely fell in love. From ‘Tarde’ to ‘A Dónde Van,’ Dharma is 17 tracks of pure perfection.

Stream Dharma here!

Check out more of our new music weekly coverage here!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from this week’s new music weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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