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K-pop Girl Group FIFTY FIFTY Talks ‘Cupid,’ Love, and Cupids

K-pop Girl Group FIFTY FIFTY Talks ‘Cupid,’ Love, and Cupids

If you haven’t heard of FIFTY FIFTY, one of K-pop’s hottest rookie girl groups, then you must be living under a rock. They only debuted in November 2022 and they already have huge achievements under their belt such as having over one million monthly listeners on Spotify and charting on Billboard.

Recently, the girls made their first comeback with the song ‘Cupid’ which was accompanied by an English “twin version.” The song has been blowing up on TikTok, and actually charted on Spotify’s global chart at number 144 with 1.2 million streams. We, here at The Honey POP, got a chance to talk to the girls about ‘Cupid,’ musical inspirations, love, and more!

fifty fifty interview
FIFTY FIFTY members left to right: KEENA, SIO, SAENA, and ARAN
Image Source: courtesy of ATTRAKT Creative Content Group

How does FIFTY FIFTY stand out from other K-pop groups?
SAENA: I believe our vocal colors are the biggest strength of the group. Each member has a unique vocal tone, and we’re able to create a great synergy and unique color as a team. I think that’s what people love about FIFTY FIFTY.

Image Source: courtesy of ATTRAKT Creative Content Group

What was your initial reaction to the news of ‘Cupid’ on the Billboard chart, and how does it feel to achieve it so early in your career?
SAENA: We just couldn’t believe it! We were very surprised and had to keep asking, “Our song on the Billboard chart?” And it also gave us more responsibility to work harder and show better performance. It’s a great motivation.

What’s the most exciting part of promoting this time around?
KEENA: This comeback was special for FIFTY FIFTY because we didn’t have many opportunities to meet our fans in person for our debut album activities. For this comeback, we were able to meet them, communicate with them, and perform in front of them, which was very special.

Image Source: courtesy of ATTRAKT Creative Content Group

Is there a specific concept you’d like to try for your next comeback?
SIO: Personally, I think it’d be could for us to try a band’s music if we all learn instruments.

Was recording the twin version of ‘Cupid’ challenging for you?
SIO: I think recording the Korean version was pretty smooth, but the English version was definitely challenging for me. While recording the English version, I had to focus on both English accents and the delivery of the meaning of the song. Finding the right balance between the two was a bit difficult for me.

Fifty Fifty Interview
Image Source: courtesy of ATTRAKT Creative Content Group

Who would you say are some of your biggest inspirations musically?
KEENA: I would say Girls’ Generation is my musical inspiration. We all grew up listening to their music, and they’re such a respectable and iconic girl group.
SIO: When I was young, I was a Disney girl – I listened to OST from Lion King or The Little Mermaid. One day, my mom played the music video of ‘I Love You’ by 2NE1, and I remember it was my first exposure to K-pop. I think that’s why I listened to 2NE1’s music a lot growing up and was inspired by them.
ARAN: I’m the same as KEENA. My first impression of K-pop was Girls’ Generation. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I was in the hair shop drying my hair, I heard ‘Gee’. I was so impressed with it that I sang along and searched the song a lot. That was my first impression of K-pop.
SAENA: For me, I think Blackpink is an amazing group. They have a lot of strong, powerful energy. They have their own hip-hop color that I like, so I think Blackpink is really good.

Cupid is also the God of Love in Greek Mythology, do you think love (not only the romantic side of it) can solve difficulties in life?
ARAN: Honestly, I don’t think love has a direct impact on solving a difficult situation. However, without love, nothing can be solved. I believe we always find a way and answer to something because love exists everywhere, even if it takes the smallest part.

Image Source: courtesy of ATTRAKT Creative Content Group

If you have to choose a ‘Cupid’ in your group, who would it be?
SIO: We’re a group of independent members, so I don’t think we need Cupid in our lives. In fact, all four of us are Cupids of our own.

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Do you have a message for your international fans?
SEANA: Since we’re very sincere to music, we hope to approach all listeners and our international fans with our sincere hearts. We’re aiming to show various genres that are different from ‘Cupid’s genre and to present various charms through each member’s uniqueness. I hope you look forward to us more!

Image Source: courtesy of ATTRAKT Creative Content Group

The sincerity and love that Saena mentioned were apparent throughout the entire time we talked. We are looking forward to what’s next from the FIFTY FIFTY girls.

What are you wanting to hear next from the girls? Do you have a concept you want them to try besides the band concept Sio mentioned? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Twitter, Instagram or Discord!


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