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3 Melanie Martinez Songs That Would Raise Us From ‘DEATH’ Itself

3 Melanie Martinez Songs That Would Raise Us From ‘DEATH’ Itself

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is one of those artists that are always and forever blasting from our speakers. With songs so iconic, you feel like you’re going through portals to another dimension with her picturesque lyricism. Slaying every character she’s envisioned through the eras, Melanie has a way of exciting us so much we literally could ascend from the grave within the first few seconds of hearing her music. Yes, you heard us. These three Melanie Martinez songs would raise us from ‘DEATH’ itself.

Some would say we’re being a little dramatic, but look at who we stan. Of course, we act this way!


“Death has come to me, kissed me on the cheek, gave me closure
Immortal by design I’ll be meetin’ you here every time”

In the leading single off of her third studio album, Portals, Melanie set the stage for the era with a haunting track. Introducing us to a new character and saying goodbye to the Crybaby we all came to know and love, she reminds us that she isn’t going anywhere. Emphasizing that she’s back and reminding us, she’ll always be here forever. She’s “immortal” and will evolve into other forms, just like she’s evolved into another era, character, and a new person after her hiatus. 

‘The Bakery’

“My boss is Mother Mary
Catch me slipping through the concrete
Show no mercy, step right on me
Stiletto death, send me to purgatory”

We can bet the refrain of this track will be repeated in our ears until kingdom comes. And we are here for it! Catch us dancing over our haters’ graves. Especially those authority figures who always stare so hard, the ones you just know they’re waiting on you to slip up? Well, when working at ‘The Bakery,’ Cry Baby emits that mood, and she knows as soon as she messes up, they’ll be there to send her to her death. Being judged can really suck, especially when you know someone is waiting for your downfall. Box up those feelings and throw them six feet under because this tedious gig will be up before you know it! Just make those money moves to “raise the dough” until you can graduate from your K-12 era!


Now my words are fillin’ up the tub
Darling, you’re just soaking in it
But I know you’ll get out the minute
You notice all your fingers prunin’ up

From that first repeating note, you can catch us reaching out our hands to turn the volume up! Even if it means digging through some dirt, this track will get us squeaky clean. Reminding us to mind our words and ensure we don’t overshare, the story of Cry Baby taught us some very valuable lessons. One of the first songs we heard from Melanie, ‘Soap,’ is a song you want to cry to as you imagine the visuals because you, too, need some ‘Soap’ to wash out the words of oversharing to people who will walk away at the first chance they get.

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You can’t disagree that these Melanie Martinez songs could literally raise us from death; they’re just that good! Just bury us with our earphones, and we’ll be all set. What songs have this effect on you? Did one of your favorite Melanie tracks make our list? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also catch us on Instagram and Facebook!

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