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My Chemical Romance’s Conventional Weapons Will Always Be Our Favorite Swan Song

My Chemical Romance’s Conventional Weapons Will Always Be Our Favorite Swan Song

My Chemical Romance knows how to make us feel every single emotion under the sun within one song alone. So it’s safe to say the decisions they make outside of that concerning the band as a whole also make us feel. Therefore, Conventional Weapons is a release that brings us both immense joy and remembrance of the pain we felt when we thought MCR was gone forever. But, MCR is alive and well and so is our love for the perfection that is Conventional Weapons. So we’re here to count down our top 5 tracks from one of the greatest swan songs of all time!

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‘Make Room!!!’

This track is giving I Brought You My Bullets… angst, hypnotizing harmonies, catchy hooks, and even lyrics we now recognize from ‘Na Na Na’ ala Danger Days. It’s no surprise to us that ‘Na Na Na’ came from a song as flawless and iconic as this one. This is one we added to the list of “Songs To Play At Any And Every Event In Our Lives Ever” we keep the second we heard it.

‘Kiss The Ring’

The NUMBER FOUR installment of Conventional Weapons truly is nothing but perfection. ‘Kiss The Ring’ is the second puzzle piece that proves this to be a fact. If the perfectly rhymic guitar riffs and drum beats weren’t enough to make you absolutely hooked on this track, Gerard Way’s vocals will seal the deal without a doubt. This is a song that proves exactly why My Chemical Romance is and forever will be a household name!

‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’

While we’re on the topic of My Chemical Romance being one of the greatest bands of all time, we have to talk about this track. ‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’ & ‘The World Is Ugly‘ are the tragically-beautiful ballads of this album. ‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’ was written specifically for Gerard’s daughter, Bandit, and in turn the other guys’ children they had at the time. Either way – this one is the warm hug we run to after a really long day.


Start revving your engines for a circle pit – because this one goes off. The harmonies, the build, the pulsing beat that drives you through the song. Almost like an ambulance? The intention behind the way MCR build their tracks is shown expertly on this anthem. Once you hear the bridge in this hit once, you’ll want to hear it 1000 times again.

‘Boy Division’

It’s time to talk about track number one from Conventional Weapons, ‘Boy Division,’ and all its glory. This song truly feels like the transition out of The Black Parade the fandom was expecting at the time this record would’ve initially been released. The riffs, the lines, the sound; it’s like the offspring of something dark and beautiful we never knew we needed! We’re strutting our stuff to this track while simultaneously fantasizing about our total world domination.

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The problem with Conventional Weapons is that every single song off of it is actual perfection. We could give you solid, concrete reasons why every single song on this record deserves a spot in the record books. But don’t just take our word for it, listen for yourself and let us know your favorite track in the comments below once you do! Or you can let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or on Instagram or Facebook!


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