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My Chemical Romance Are Weirder Than Ever On Their Reunion Tour And We Love Them For It

My Chemical Romance Are Weirder Than Ever On Their Reunion Tour And We Love Them For It

If you’re anything like us at THP, you’ll agree that the wait for My Chemical Romance to come back was pretty grueling, but worth it in the end. They just wrapped up the United States leg of their reunion tour and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Each setlist combined their biggest hits and lesser-known tracks so well, making sure both longtime MCRmy and newer fans could enjoy themselves and jam out.

To celebrate their return and successful shows so far, we wanted to round up some of our favorite moments of MCR’s reunion tour! So grab your eyeliner and military jackets, or your bright clothes and masks if you’re more of a Danger Days stan…

Reacting To A Rainbow

There was a special guest at My Chem’s Stockholm show, specifically a bright rainbow that popped up over the stage. The crowd yelled to the band to look up and once he caught on, Gerard exclaimed, “That sure as sh*t is a rainbow! That’s what happens when it rains.” Gerard Way: rockstar, artist, and science professor.

The Drum Quotes

Every night of the tour so far, there’s been a mysterious, cryptic, or downright random quote on the face of the bass drum. These quotes have varied from things like “big death energy” and “I wanna see you turn into a werewolf” to “you got the job” and “happy birthday you beautiful man” for Mikey’s birthday show in New York. And for some, they leaned into dad jokes that simultaneously made us cringe and made us remember why we love this band so much in the first place.

Giving Skincare Advice

Above pretty much everything else, My Chemical Romance is a band that always looks out for their fans. And apparently, that includes self-care regiments, because Gerard has us covered! During one live intro for ‘Vampire Money,’ he let us know that “you should moisturize, it really helps your skin.” So on those nights when you don’t feel like doing your skincare routine before bed, remember what Gerard wants you to do and use that as motivation.

“Bon The F*ck Jour”

With so many fans worldwide, MCR are always finding new ways to show their appreciation for listeners in different places. This is what led Frank and Gerard to theorize on how to ask fans “what the f*ck is up” in French, and they settled on “bon the f*ck jour,” which Frank continued to say at several shows. A bilingual king!

“This Is The Skin Of A Killer, Bella.”

A little bit of MCR lore here: rumor has it that Edward Cullen from Twilight was vaguely inspired by Gerard, and the team behind the movies approached My Chem to make a song for one of the films. They said no and instead released ‘Vampire Money’ in 2010, a Twilight parody of sorts that has quickly become a fan-favorite track. Flash forward to 2022 and Gerard is walking out on stage in Twilight merch.

‘Gimme More’ Merch!

Okay, we have one more merch look to point out! This one is from our favorite bassist, Mikey, who rocked a Britney Spears shirt at one of their New Jersey shows. Two of our favorite artists’ worlds colliding? We can’t complain.

‘Famous Last Words’ Video, Is That You?

My Chem set the stage on fire whenever they play a show, but in Los Angeles, they took that a bit literally. Gerard walked out in his fan-favorite cheerleader costume holding a flamethrower, waved it around a bit, and returned it to a member of their crew without a word. Confusing, but relatable in a way.

Singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’

A few years back, Frank released a cover of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ with his kids, and we’re getting a revamped version for 2022… kind of. MCR played a mini cover of the song before jumping into ‘Famous Last Words’ in San Antonio, and we’re kinda confused as to why, but we’re vibing. Consider it a bonus song on the setlist.

That’s An Interesting Guitar Pick

It’s no secret that Ray is one of the most impressive guitarists out there, and he’s so talented that he can shred without a pick… without a traditional pick, anyway. At their Oklahoma City show, he used a broken wine glass for the breakdown of ‘Sleep,’ and we were on edge the whole time.

The Ghost Of Gerard

Gerard gave us some pretty legendary costumes this tour, offering everything from a clown to Princess Diana, but one of our favorites would have to be what the MCRmy now knows as Ghost Gerard. He only wore the costume for a few songs in Florida, but that included ‘This Is How I Disappear,’ so we were fine with that. And when he took it off, he was just wearing normal clothes underneath.

‘The Kids From Yesterday?’

The U.S. leg of the reunion tour closed out with MCR headlining the When We Were Young festival in Vegas, and they took that name to heart. Not only did they break out their black and red costumes from the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge era, but they also wore zombie makeup to bring some “old” vibes to When We Were Young.

Which moments of My Chemical Romance’s reunion tour have been your favorite? The tour picks back up in New Zealand and Australia in March, so if you’re down under, grab your tickets right here! Tell us which songs you hope to hear on the setlist in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and check out our review of the tour here!


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