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New Rules’ New Single ‘Not Alone’ Is Living Proof That Music Is The Best Therapy

New Rules’ New Single ‘Not Alone’ Is Living Proof That Music Is The Best Therapy

There’s nothing more comforting than listening to a song that feels like a big hug. Heck, there’s nothing more comforting than listening to any music from any of your favorite artists. But, if you take that feeling you get from listening to your favorite artist and add comfort songs to the mix, you get ‘Not Alone’ by New Rules.

‘Not Alone’ is a song that tears us to shreds while simultaneously fixing our hearts and making us feel, well … not alone. The new hit single acts as a message to fans! It is an undeniably uplifting, emotional track, and they couldn’t have written anything better! This song is everything we hoped it would be!

Not Alone’ is a song for our fans. We often get messages telling us that our band feels like a safe space for them to feel part of something and so this song is a message from us to them. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing, warm community of people supporting us and we hope this song feels like a hug to anyone who needs to hear it.

New Rules

A lot of the time, we feel as if no one is listening; or that no one wants to listen. We are told we shouldn’t complain about our misfortunes because some people have it “worse.” So, we keep it inside and try not to complain. New Rules has taken this devastating reality and changed the narrative! In ‘Not Alone,’ the band has made sure to tell the listeners that it is, in fact, okay to complain; it is okay to let people know when you aren’t doing so well. It is definitely okay to want help! Moreover, New Rules has assured us that they are always here to stand by us.

“This is for the ones who never get listened to / I pray you don’t lose your voice / I promise they’ll hear you soon.”

The beautiful song was released with a music video that brings the lyrics to life. The music video features Alec, Nathan, and Ryan as they take to the stage with nothing other than their guitars and mics. This visual beautifully highlights how nothing matters besides their connection with the fans. This entire idea of the song is emphasized as we see small snippets in which fans hold signs that are decorated with lyrics to the song. New Rules worked with their fans to solidify their co-dependant connection. It’s heart-melting.

‘Not Alone’ was recorded as a stripped-back acoustic track, and places a higher emphasis on the lyricism and vocals. In music, each instrument used and each note played has a massive effect on the track’s feel. From majors to minors, we feel the notes deep in our souls. It’s clear to see that the members of New Rules really know the true nature of music because they have absolutely crushed it; using all aspects of music to create a perfect track. It’s not always easy to find artists and songs who make you feel safe, but New Rules have grabbed that challenge by the horns and have created a song that has made us comforted both lyrically and musically.

Most of us struggle with the feeling of not being seen, but the reassurance we needed has been delicately crafted into a beautiful piece of music. ‘Not Alone’ is a work of art and is a song that will stay with us through time, and we are forever grateful for it. So, New Rules, if you’re reading this, we would like to say a big thank you.

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Yes, we know that this was a very, very, emotional article—it put us in our feels just writing it—but ‘Not Alone’ just had to be appreciated. We love the song and we are 100% certain that you do too. With that, let us inform you that New Rules have announced that new music is on its way! To be honest, we couldn’t get more excited if we tried!

After hearing this song, it’s obvious that their new tunes will, without a doubt, rock our socks off … or make us cry again, but either way, they are going to be incredible. While we wait for their new tunes, let’s take a look back at their entire discography! What’s your favorite New Rules song? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram


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