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We Can’t Tame Our Excitement Over Zara Larsson’s Acoustic Rendition Of ‘Can’t Tame Her’

We Can’t Tame Our Excitement Over Zara Larsson’s Acoustic Rendition Of ‘Can’t Tame Her’

Please excuse us for a moment while we freak out over Zara Larsson blessing us with an acoustic rendition of her latest hit, ‘Can’t Tame Her.’ Alright, thank you for bearing with us, we’re ready to get into it now (as long as you are, too 🙂 )

Firstly, let’s talk about the original version of ‘Can’t Tame Her’ (listen to it here): the song was released on January 26th, 2023 as the lead single for her upcoming fourth album! We think we can all say that it was quite the release! The track is highly inspired by music of the 80s and shows off her heavenly and powerful vocals! It is unquestionably an earworm! Honestly, it comes as no surprise that the song has gone on to collect over 23.1 million streams across music platforms in only a matter of days! Along with this, Zara Larsson has garnered 7.1 million video views and over 450 million short-form video views.

‘Can’t Tame Her,’ holds an empowering message as it describes an independent woman who does and gets what she wants!

In conversation with Billboard, Zara gave a small insight into her mindset and intentions with the song: “People want to put girls in a box of what you should do or not. In the public eye, you have a lot of people telling you what’s wrong or how you should do something differently. I’m out there, I’m very loud and I try to stay true to myself and surround myself with people who care about me, so we can all help each other and protect each other. Really good friends.”

Now let’s talk acoustic: initially, the acoustic version of the song was teased in a TikTok video that Zara posted after the original’s release. Almost immediately, we fans demanded that she gives us a full acoustic version of the song and make it available for listening on all streaming platforms. In the acoustic version, we get to hear Zara Larsson’s powerhouse vocals take center stage over a stripped-back track! How could we not beg for a full version of this?? Of course, Zara being the legend she is, she gave us exactly what we wanted!

The acoustic rendition of the song was released on March 10th, 2023 and couldn’t have dropped at a better time! The song is an absolutely perfect anthem for this Women’s History Month and highlights the qualities of all our powerful women out there! Self-empowerment is key, and by providing us with an acoustic rendition, Zara emphasizes this idea by bringing the empowering lyrics to the front!

Do yourself a favor and stream ‘Can’t Tame Her (Acoustic)’ now! We cannot recommend it enough!

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Excited about the release of more music and Zara’s new highly anticipated album? After listening to ‘Can’t Tame Her,’ we simply cannot blame you! Zara is one of the most musically gifted women out there and we can’t wait to be drowned in more of her music!

In the meantime, why don’t we talk about some of her other incredible bops? Let us know your favorite track of hers by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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