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We Have Tunnel Vision Love For NOT A TOY’s ‘say so’

We Have Tunnel Vision Love For NOT A TOY’s ‘say so’

Did someone ask for a semi-acoustic R&B-pop track? You did? Perfect, you are in luck! NOT A TOY have got you covered with their new hit single ‘say so!’ Tie your shoes, fasten your seatbelts, wrap your hair into a bun, or do whatever else you need to do in order to stay comfy as we begin our very valid rant about ‘say so!’

NOT A TOY – the band consisting of members Branson Hoog (lead vocals), Jeremy Marmor (guitar), Benji Spoliansky (drums), and TJ Wessel (violin, keys) – has shown us time after time that they never miss. NOT A TOY burst into the limelight back in 2020 and have been dazzling audiences worldwide with their irresistible blend of sounds, addictive melodies, and masterpiece lyrics ever since. From their magnetic energy to their boundary-pushing sound, the band is redefining what it means to be a musical powerhouse. 

NOT A TOY is a band that isn’t scared to break through barriers and challenge genre stereotypes. Their unique sound is a seamless fusion of all genres, resulting in original and irresistibly captivating music. NOT A TOY effortlessly explores new sonic frontiers with each release, pushing the limits of what is possible within the musical world. As a result, their discography is packed with jewels that leave listeners wanting more.

Right, moving on to the real juicy stuff! Let’s talk about ‘say so,’ the song that easily snatched up all of our love and attention right from the opening note.

This idea of wanting someone so bad, but you’re stuck in limbo waiting for them to finally say how they feel. The song’s title was actually ‘Tunnel Vision’ for a long time because one of the main ideas behind the song was about loving someone so much that nothing else even matters, but eventually, we switched the title to ‘say so’ because the song evolved into dealing with that weird phase of a relationship when you’re kind of insecure because you don’t know if the other person’s feelings are temporary or the real deal.

NOT A TOY on the meaning behind ‘say so’

Basically, the song talks about a powerful love, one so intense that it is all that matters!

The careful attention to detail in the sonic aspect of ‘say so’ demonstrates NOT A TOY’s capacity to create refined and delicate musical compositions, whether it is in a stripped-down context or not. ‘say so’ develops an intimate connection with its audience with its semi-acoustic arrangement and thoughtful lyrics. The stripped-back instrumentation lets the genuine emotions take center stage, suggesting vulnerability and authenticity. NOT A TOY lets listeners connect on a deeper level, and as the song picks up in the chorus, they allow us to feel the bass deep in our hearts.

The track is undoubtedly a bop that will stick with you for a while. From the melody to the lyrics, there’s no denying it! NOT A TOY has made sure to use their talent for seamlessly blending genres together to create ‘say so.’ Sonically, the track takes us on a journey through delicate guitar to a much fuller beat as the song progresses; the musical aspect of the track perfectly mirrors the lyrics as each one elicits a specific emotion from the listener.

The acoustic guitar takes center stage, slowly plucking notes that are warm and delicate as Branson sings the opening lines, saying that he will do anything that his loved one wishes (helloooo green flags!!). Percussions, 808s, drums, and bass give multiple layers of complexity to the tune as it progresses, all of them coming into play as the lyrics become more passionate!

If you haven’t taken a listen yet, it’s time you do so. Go on, we’re waiting. Time is money!

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Right, now that you have listened to it, we think that we can all safely agree that not adding ‘say so’ to your playlist would be a crime. Whether you’re looking for a love song, a chill song, an anthem, or just something fresh, this is the song for you!

This is the time in the article when we say a big thanks to NOT A TOY! We are very grateful for this song, it’s perfect 🙂

Now that we have told you everything that we think of the song, we want to know all of your thoughts. So, please do not be shy! Come yell about it with us by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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