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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan BoA

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan BoA

Ever since her debut in 2000, Kwon Bo-ah, AKA BoA, has never failed in delivering her powerful identity as an idol! Hailing from the 1st generation idols of the Hallyu Wave, BoA paved the way for the rise of Korean pop – first in Asia, and eventually, globally. She has already spoiled the Jumping BoAs (her lovely fans, AKA us) with over 15 studio albums and 50 singles. All of these releases are absolute masterpieces, that’s BoA for us, our Queen of K-Pop! Not to mention, the legendary BoA didn’t limit herself to making a name in the Korean music industry – she also debuted and released albums in Japan and the United States.

Being in the Hallyu industry for two decades never stops BoA from enchanting new fans to support her music and artistry. We at The Honey POP, and the rest of the Jumping BoAs out there, truly consider her a K-pop legend! So, here are 5 reasons why you should join us in stanning BoA.

BoA Is A Multilingual Queen

BoA is proficient in many languages including Korean, Japanese, and English. During her early years, she immediately became successful when she debuted in Japan in 2001, hence the number of Japanese albums she has released. There’s no doubt that she has a lot of Japanese supporters! Aside from her Japan-related endeavors, did you know that BoA once starred in an independent Hollywood dance film? She starred as Aya in Make Your Move, which was released in 2014, and we can see in the movie that BoA is flawless in speaking English!

So far, BoA has already spoiled us with ten Korean albums, nine Japanese albums, and one English album, and we can’t wait for more! In addition, she released a Mandarin pop song with Liu YuXin called ‘Better’ in 2022. It is mesmerizing how BoA can still sing in another language, and even release a Chinese version of her own song! Could this be a sign of another non-Korean album release in the future? We hope so!

Her Impact And Influence Are Insane

As an artist herself, BoA has drawn inspiration from superstars like Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson in terms of her musical style and genre. This explains why most of her bops are in the genre of dance-pop and R&B… and they’re all utterly addicting to listen to, BTW! Now, let’s dive in and talk about some of the popular idols you are probably a fan of who idolize the Kwon BoA!

A lot of modern K-idols, and even some who started in the early eras of the Hallyu wave, consider BoA to be their role model! Upon these idols’ debut, they cited BoA to be one of their idols and musical inspirations. Irene of Red Velvet chose BoA as her role model during an episode of Weekly Idol. EXO’s Sehun also mentioned BoA to be his sunbae whom he really respects. He must have been internally screaming when he got to perform on-stage with the Kwon BoA, performing her hit song ‘Only One!’ Another idol who is genuinely fascinated by her skills is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. Even the SNSD main vocalist is stunned by BoA’s pure talent! That’s our Queen of K-Pop!

BoA Is An Actual Dancing Machine

If we’re going on a BoA music video spree, we can see for ourselves how outstanding she is at dancing! She’s literally giving us the coolest dance moves in her music videos and live performances. BoA’s moves are always clean and powerful when she dominates the stage, which she always does! She always slays, whether it’s a live performance, dance practice, or a dance version of her music videos. Her dance styles are so diverse – she can do hip hop, wacking, waving, femme, and funk! She can even flawlessly execute various types of choreographies including difficult footwork. No one can do it like her!

Additionally, she appeared as a judge for the popular dance survival reality shows Street Woman Fighter and Street Man Fighter, alongside other dancing machine idols like NCT’s Taeyong. BoA expressed her excitement about joining the shows as a judge and states that she likes watching young talents with her naked eyes. We can see that BoA is passionate not only about singing, but also about dancing! We love a dancing legend!

She Is A Member Of GOT The Beat

The 36-year-old superstar debuted as a soloist and since then, she’s established her name just by herself (queen behavior!). However, in 2021, SM Entertainment revealed they will launch a project girl group called Girls On Top, named after BoA’s iconic song, and GOT The Beat is its first sub-unit. Lucky for Jumping BoAs, because BoA is part of its lineup and she has never disappointed us in giving her exemplary performances! Aside from BoA, the other members of GOT The Beat include Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy, and Aespa’s Karina and Winter.

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In GOT The Beat’s videos for ‘Step Back’ and ‘Stamp On It,’ BoA is the first one to catch our attention! With ‘Step Back,’ she was able to showcase her sweet, but on-point, vocals during the bridge of the song. We think that it captured her own unique style when it comes to her solo singing! As for ‘Stamp On It,’ this is where she flaunts her talent as a skilled dancer! BoA has a lot of center moments in the dance choreography, including the dance break, and we love it!

She Is Dubbed The Queen Of K-Pop

Despite being in the music industry for a very long time, BoA is still sometimes hesitant to bear the title of Queen of K-Pop. The media gave her that title, and we wholeheartedly agree! She stated in a press conference in the Philippines that she has “a long way to go.” For us at The Honey POP, she’s already proved that she is indeed the Queen of K-Pop! There is nothing to be hesitant about, queen! From vocals to acting skills, dance skills, and even mentoring her juniors, BoA has already proved so much of why she is deserving to bear such a title.

Whether you started supporting her early as a Jumping BoA or you’re a new fan, tell us what you love about BoA! We would love to read your thoughts about our legendary superstar! See you at our Twitter at @thehoneypop as well as our Facebook and Instagram. 😉


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