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‘I Wanna Live Forever’ & 4 Other Alexander 23 Song Lyrics That Make Great Instagram Captions

‘I Wanna Live Forever’ & 4 Other Alexander 23 Song Lyrics That Make Great Instagram Captions

Things Alexander 23 exceeds at: writing emotionally charged, lyrically brilliant songs that will get you in your feels every single time, guaranteed. Some of those lyrics really stick in our heads, and it got us thinking, would they make good Instagram captions? Song lyrics are obviously a great choice for Instagram captions (especially if you’re like us and struggle to come up with good ones). So we thought we’d dive in and share some of our picks for the most Instagram captionable Alexander 23 song lyrics, starting with ‘I Wanna Live Forever,’ his latest release!


‘I Wanna Live Forever’

Our lyric caption choice: I wanna live forever/But no one can live that long/So, if I can’t live forever/I wanna die in your arms

Yes, we did, in fact, use the chorus as our pick for this one. It’s a cute lyric to use as a caption for a photo of you and someone you love, in our opinion. The song is sweetly sentimental, a pure, feel-good, warm, and fuzzy ode to love, so what better lyric could there be for captioning a photo of you and your lover?

‘I Wanna Live Forever’ is out now, so be sure to stream it. Thematically, this track is very different from the bittersweet and sometimes downright sad songs you might be used to hearing from Alexander 23, but we think it’s a nice spin. He still masterfully captures the feeling of love in a soaring, emotional, and powerful way, as he does with every emotion you come across in his discography. Do you know what that is? That’s range. Alexander 23 is simply one of our favorites, always and forever.


Our lyric caption choice: now it’s Valentine’s Day/And chocolate tastes like charcoal

Perhaps you’re looking for something more on the angsty side. Maybe you’re feeling anti-V-Day, or you just want to post something a little edgy. This line from ‘Crash,’ off of Alexander’s latest album Aftershock, is a standout choice for that. We’re thinking of a bouquet of roses, an eye roll, or maybe a smashed-up box of chocolate? You could really do a lot with this one as a caption.

‘If We Were A Party’

Our lyric caption choice: If we were a party, the best party ever/We were drunk and in love, thought that it’d last forever

New Year’s? A birthday? Maybe you just threw the best costume party ever and want to showcase it. Whatever your party goals are, this line from ‘If We Were A Party’ would make a great caption for the photos. “Last night was a movie” is out, and ‘If We Were a Party’ is in, simply. It makes us think of blurry, candid party shots, confetti, sparkling lights, dancing, and really anything having to do with parties. Are we using the chorus again? Yeah, but when something is a great choice, it’s a great choice. We don’t make the rules.

’20 Something’

Our lyric caption choice: And, yeah, it rains a lot, but the rainbows make it worth it

We’re throwing it back to I’m Sorry I Love You for this lyric from ’20 Something.’ Life is hard, being in your 20s is hard, and being a human is just hard sometimes. There are rainy, stormcloud days where you feel nothing but doom and gloom, but those days do pass, and the sun comes out and makes things feel okay again. If you’re lucky, there’s a rainbow at the end of it all too. This line might be a little on the nose as an Instagram caption, we know, but honestly? What’s so wrong with that? Sometimes you need in-your-face positivity in your life (even if the song leans a little more melancholy), and we wholeheartedly support it. Especially if it comes from a track as great as this one.

‘High School’

Our lyric caption choice: How did we get here?/How do we get back?/Wish I could do it all again

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Work with us here. Graduation posts, throwback posts, nostalgic posts, there is SO much potential for this line. ‘High School’ really hits hard with the nostalgia and the feeling of missing a person you thought would be around forever. Pulling this line as an Instagram caption is a great way to hit on that feeling of missing someone or some time in your life. It’s simple but effective all the same.


So, what have we learned today? Not only does Alexander 23 write brilliant songs that stick with you emotionally, but you can pull lines from a lot of his songs to showcase your emotions in captions. We’re sure there are many more lyrics that would be great to use; this is by no means an exhaustive list. Let us know your favorite lines to use as lyrics in the comments below, or drop us a line on our socials! We’re always buzzing on Twitter.

Also, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on ‘I Wanna Live Forever!’ Alexander 23 is one of our faves around here; check out more news!


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