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MAMAMOO Is Going On Tour And We Have Outfit Ideas!

MAMAMOO Is Going On Tour And We Have Outfit Ideas!

Attention MOOMOOs! As you’ve probably heard, MAMAMOO is finally coming to the United States for the first time as part of the MY CON World Tour! We know things get hectic when planning for concerts, from securing tickets to getting to the venue on the day, but when it comes to K-pop shows some of the most fun comes from outfit planning. We know the tour is still about a month away, but if you’re struggling to find the perfect outfit for MAMAMOO’s tour — we got you!

Solar – ‘Honey’

If your bias is Solar, or you have an affinity towards her Honey-era styling, we have the perfect outfit for you! Worn on March 17th during her MCountdown live stage, this all-yellow look is absolutely inspiring and a breeze to recreate. All you would need for this monochromatic outfit is first to pick a color. Once your color is chosen all you need is to get a skirt, cropped long-sleeve sweater, and matching fuzzy hat! Accessories are up to you, but it seems that Solar was more ring focused during her stage, with just a simple necklace. What’s even more fun is if yellow isn’t your color of choice, you can recreate this however you want. If you’re feeling handy and want to try something DIY even, you could get some fabric dye and dye white pieces to be uniquely yours!

Moon Byul – ‘gogobebe’

If the femininity of Solar’s outfit isn’t for you, maybe you prefer Moon Byul’s styling or maybe you want something a little simpler. Whatever your reason might be, we have the perfect outfit for you! During the March 2019 MCountdown stage for ‘gogobebe’ Moonbyul and the rest of her members showed up in dark military-esque outfits. This concept would be easily recreated with dark cargo pants, a dark wash cropped denim jacket, and combat boots. To accessorize, add some chains, but remember to leave the bullet belt at home.

Hwa Sa – ‘ILLELLA’

If you’re a Hwa Sa biased MOOMOO or you just loved the western vibes brought during ‘ILLELLA’ era, then recreate the October 2022 Inkigayo outfit that Hwa Sa wore. All you’d need is a pair of tan boots (preferably Western style), dark leather pants in a wide leg, and a snakeskin patterned crop top. Top them off with some long nails and sunglasses and the bad b*tch attitude that Hwa Sa is known for and you’d be set!

Wheein – ‘HIP’

Last but not least, we have an outfit for those who just want to make something with the basics or who love Wheein the most. In November 2019, during ‘HIP’ promotions, the girls wore a super simple outfit of distressed white tops and distressed jeans paired with combat boots and a black harness. If you get a white long-sleeved shirt that you cut up and add some burns to for the aesthetic, you’d be matching 191129 Wheein perfectly!

Hopefully, we were able to give you some ideas for outfits for the upcoming tour. If you didn’t even know MAMAMOO was coming, they’ll be starting off the American leg of their tour in New York on May 16th before traveling the nation and ending in Los Angeles on June 4th.

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Now tell us our beloved Honey Bees and MOOMOOs alike, send us a tweet or comment on our Instagram and let us know, what song you are most excited to see MAMAMOO perform on tour, and have you gotten your outfit picked out yet?


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