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Here’s Every Song Jackson Wang Performed At Coachella

Here’s Every Song Jackson Wang Performed At Coachella

Fans of K-Pop know Jackson Wang as a rapper, songwriter, designer, dancer, and producer of GOT7 and for his solo work! These fans have also seen his incredible stage presence and know that he is capable of just about anything he sets his mind to! Coachella is an iconic festival, and we have seen so many jaw-dropping moments over the years from many artists. Seeing his name on the Coachella lineup made our hearts beat faster. With this, Jackson Wang became the first Chinese solo artist to receive the invite to perform his own set at Coachella! We know he brings it with his performances, so this one was one for the books.

‘100 Ways’

This set opener was complete with the mind-blowing visuals that we have come to see with each Jackson show. He came dressed in a half-red-half-black suit that looks like two different suits were stitched together, sporting split-dyed black and white hair, giving us Cruella de Vil, which ATEEZ’s Hongjoong rocked last year too.


The first single from his Magic Man album, this is a fun 90’s rock-inspired track that has a fun guitar riff and drum beat driving the song. The dancers helped bring this song to life, and the choreography is so interesting! This song is also the first one that introduces us to the world of his “Magic Man” persona, in which we see similar concepts with artists like DPR Ian.

‘Champagne Cool’

The transition from ‘Blow’ into this was seamless, and the staircase and the dancers’ interactions with Jackson brought it to another level, which we can only come to expect from him. He has set the standard so high with his stages, that we have almost not wanted to see anything less. Thank you, Jackson Wang, for making our standards that high! We love you. Like, seriously.


This song, which debuted at last year’s 88rising’s signature festival Head In The Clouds, was only performed a few more times. At this event, he was also the first Chinese solo artist to be on the main stage, and after his performance at this festival, he was number one trending on Twitter.

‘One, Two Step’ (Ciara cover, with Ciara)

This song kicked off a mini collab stage moment, where the two of them came together and showed off how cool they are and how amazing at dancing they are. We love! As nostalgic as this song is, and loving these two as much as we do, this part could not have been more fun and reminded us of why we love the magic of festivals like this!

‘Left Right’ (XG cover, with Ciara)

This bit had them dance to a remix of the popular XG song, which has been making rounds on social media platforms like TikTok. Shortly after, we got a reaction video from the XG girls themselves, and it was adorable!

‘Slow’ (with Ciara)

This never-before-seen performance was an iconic moment, and what better first way to present it to the world than with both artists, having an incredible time? The all-English track is groovy and has an R&B feel, which Ciara is known for. Jackson says that coming together with Ciara “was like catching lightning in a bottle.”

If you want to check out the song, you can listen to it on Spotify or watch the official stage video here.

‘Come Alive’

This song was the fourth out of the five Jackson performed from his most recent album Magic Man. ‘Come Alive’ has an intriguing guitar and baseline, one which almost belongs to a James Bond movie or some other with a dark, edgy, mysterious vibe.

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Jackson closed the set with another one from the Magic Man album. It’s a cool song that continues the dark, alluring, and rock-sounding vibe that the entire album emanates! The visuals for all of these songs never disappoint with the imagery, and this one is no different. These music videos seem akin to movies, and the visuals are at the same standard.

After you have read all this and decided that you must see Jackson on his Magic Man World Tour, we do not blame you! You are in luck since we have you covered if you want a slight taste of what that’s like, and you can check it out here. His world tour details can be found here.

What are your thoughts on this setlist? Are you excited to see Jackson Wang return to the Coachella stage to put on another spectacular show for weekend 2? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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