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5 Of Our Favorite Things About FIFTY FIFTY

5 Of Our Favorite Things About FIFTY FIFTY

Everyone knows about FIFTY FIFTY and their insanely popular music. The girls – Saena, Aran, Keena, and Sio – have taken the world by storm and are dominating the charts and social media. In fact, social media is flooded with content featuring their songs as the soundtrack, whether you realize it or not. While their diverse vocal talents, stunning visuals, and fresh concepts have captivated fans worldwide, there are still plenty of hidden gems that might surprise you and make you love them even more. As they skyrocket to fame and secure big-name industry partnerships, we’re introducing five of our favorite things about FIFTY FIFTY that you may not know.

1. They’re Making History

Ever since their debut in November 2022, FIFTY FIFTY have been making remarkable strides in the global music scene. We love seeing women work hard and push the glass ceiling, which is exactly why this is one of our favorite things about FIFTY FIFTY.

To begin, they have become the fastest debut KPOP girl group in history to secure a spot on Billboard’s coveted Hot 100 chart. And, if that wasn’t impressive enough, their song ‘Cupid’ is currently cozy in the top 10 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 Chart. The group also received the highest rating given to any girl group on IZM, with their debut album earning 4.5 stars. Now, with their recent announcement of a partnership with Warner Records, we can already anticipate their future endeavors with this new chapter and know they are poised for worldwide success.

2. Behind The Name FIFTY FIFTY

The name FIFTY FIFTY represents navigating the contrasting concepts of a dream world (50%) full of love, peace and happiness, and reality (50%). With their fans, lovingly referred to as ‘Hunnies,’ they come together to form a complete entity (the 100%). This is definitely shown within their songs. For example, their first EP discussed the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiousness regarding the future. And their song ‘Lovin Me’ touches on the pains of growing up and stepping into the real world.

What we love about their name is the endless potential for interpretation. After all, the concept of the ideal is subjective, and each individual experiences a distinct reality. With FIFTY FIFTY, the possibilities are limitless.

3. Creative Contribution

Another thing we love about FIFTY FIFTY is their creative freedom. In the making of ‘Cupid’, Keena took an active role in the songwriting process. Keena aimed to embody FIFTY FIFTY’s unique perspective on the concept of Cupid that steers away from stereotypes. This approach has allowed them to showcase their distinct color and talent as a group. They’ve also worked with huge names in the industry, such as Adam Kapit and Hautboi Rich, who are known for working with NCT, EXO and Aespa. Meanwhile, Saena delivered exceptional choreography that became the highlight moves of the track. Drawing inspiration from renowned choreographers they have worked with, such as Minny Park, Saena brought her own flair and creativity to the table that is truly impressive.

By actively contributing to the verses and infusing fresh choreography, the members have shown their creative ability and pushed boundaries, even in their early stages as a group.

4. Getting Fans Involved

As fans, we always crave a sense of involvement when supporting our favorite artists, even if miles apart. Luckily FIFTY FIFTY has got us covered with their infectious TikTok challenge along to their song ‘Cupid.’ The challenge showcases simple yet captivating hand movements that sync perfectly with an upbeat rendition of the song. It has quickly become a sensation! Impressively, over 8 million people across the globe have participated in the challenge across social media. Now, we all have the opportunity to have fun and express our love for their music.

5. The Story of Launching FIFTY FIFTY.

There is nothing we love more than when music unexpectedly skyrockets to popularity. The CEO of ATTRAKT, the entertainment company behind FIFTY FIFTY, Jeon Hong Joon, revealed challenges were faced when they were launching the group. He explained they lacked financial resources for extensive global marketing. To overcome this hurdle, Jeon Hong Joon made personal sacrifices by selling his car to cover production costs. This remarkable journey exemplifies the power of exceptional music and devoted fans. It demonstrates even in the absence of substantial marketing budget, extraordinary talent coupled with fan support can propel artists so far. It opens the possibility for a new approach to global marketing, one that relies on organic enthusiasm and genuine connections between artists and their fanbase.

This story serves as a reminder that passion and dedication can overcome resource constraints and paves the way for different perspectives in the world of marketing. They’ve already made history and are shaping a new future! It’s a testament to the influence of good music and the importance of support from fans around the world.

To only list five of our favorite things about FIFTY FIFTY was difficult. Let us know your favourite things about FIFTY FIFTY in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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