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Five Johnny’s Communication Center Episodes That Every NCTzen Needs To Watch

Five Johnny’s Communication Center Episodes That Every NCTzen Needs To Watch

As we’re sure you already know, we at The Honey POP are huge NCT stans. Whether it’s Mark’s rapping or Doyoung’s vocals, we will never stop gushing about how much we adore this group. While its twenty-three-member line-up may make it difficult to choose just one bias, we do have a bit of a soft spot for the group’s resident mood maker: Johnny Suh.

So, to celebrate our undying love of Johnny Suh, we thought we would round up a few of our favorite episodes of Johnny’s Communication Center that we think every NCTzen should watch!

Episode 25: ‘I think it’s working! Making Christmas Cookies’

Released in December 2020, the 25th episode of JCC very quickly became one of our all-time favorites. Joined by Ten and Mark, this episode shows Johnny and his members attempting to make Christmas cookies. While all three clearly tried their best to make the cookies look and taste good, their methods were sometimes questionable. This resulted in some interesting-looking cookies and Johnny ultimately asking ‘what am I eating?’ This episode is such a classic and is absolutely essential viewing for all NCTzens. 

Episode 18: ‘Making a Mini Movie with MK’

Can you tell that we love the JCC episodes with Mark in them yet?

Featuring Johnny and Mark, this episode showed the pair making their own short film. Titled ‘Freaky Handshake,’ the film showed Mark and Johnny accidentally switching bodies after creating their own unique handshake. The behind-the-scenes look at their short film was so entertaining, with our particular favorite part being Johnny’s hilarious roasts of Mark throughout the video. We recommend pairing your viewing of this episode with a watch of the actual Freaky Handshake film. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Episode 26: ‘My NAILS are LONGER!!!’

This wholesome episode of JCC features Johnny and Yuta getting their nails done. After first discussing it during the ‘Work It’ promotions, the pair decided they wanted to visit a nail salon and we are so glad they did. To make sure they had the prettiest nails, both members got three of their nails done by a professional and the remaining two by the other member, with both going for a variety of fun colors and designs. While neither of them are particularly experienced in nail art, we would gladly let Johnny or Yuta paint our nails.

Episode 10: ‘Welcome to my hometown & Sleepover with DY, MK’

As much as we adore every episode of JCC, this episode holds a special space in our hearts. Episode 10 documents Johnny bringing the members of NCT 127 to his childhood home in Chicago and introducing them to his parents. From a fan perspective, this felt so personal and we loved getting to see the sweet interactions between Johnny’s family and the NCT members. Later in the episode, Johnny was joined by Mark and Doyoung for a sleepover at his family home. This gave fandom some of its most quoted and iconic moments, including Mark’s ‘I’m not a yogurt fan’ and Doyoung being purposely left behind in Target. If you’re going to watch just one of these episodes, you have to make it this one. 

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Episode 9: ‘REVEAL! NCT’s wardrobe’

Episode 9 of JCC saw the revival of ‘Johnny’s fashion evaluation,’ featuring Taeyong, Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Yuta competing to create the best outfit. They made their outfits from pieces within NCT’s wardrobe and each went for a distinctly different theme, resulting in some unique styling choices for every member. Being NCT’s fashion evaluator, Johnny, of course, judged each of the looks and was ultimately styled in a very interesting look himself. Johnny’s members styled him in a red blazer and black top hat, embellishing it with a fake flower. It was giving magician chic and we were totally here for it. If you’ve ever wanted an inside look at NCT’s wardrobe, this is the episode for you!

So, what are your favorite episodes of Johnny’s Communication Center? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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