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We’re Meeting Maroon 5 In The ‘Middle Ground’

We’re Meeting Maroon 5 In The ‘Middle Ground’


Let’s not get ‘Tangled‘ up in sad emotions about how it’s been a couple of years since Maroon 5 released new music. We have awesome news for you! The pop rock band based in LA is returning! We last heard from Maroon 5 in 2021. 2 years is too long since the release of JORDI. It’s about time that Adam Levine and his crew return back and better than ever! Maroon 5 has always released some of the catchiest bangers and we know that their upcoming single will be no different. Maroon 5 is releasing ‘Middle Ground’ on May 19th! Go run to your nearest ‘Payphone’ to call all your friends to let them know the news. You’ll want to spread the rumor that ‘Middle Ground‘ is unlike what we’ve heard in previous years. Maroon 5 is stepping back into their roots by creating a sound that is inspired by one of their best albums, Songs About Jane

Songs About Jane is where we get so many of Maroon 5’s classics! These are songs that are universal and timeless. Many of the songs from Songs About Jane, randomly pop into your head. You inherently just know these songs. Hits like ‘Harder To Breathe,’ ‘Sunday Morning,’ and ‘She Will Be Loved‘ are found on that album. We know that you know those songs, who doesn’t?

You can not escape how massive Maroon 5’s impact on the music industry and mass media has been and will continue to be. Everyone knows Maroon 5! The excitement towards ‘Middle Ground’ is high. We are waiting with anticipation for this new song. Especially when we will be hearing a song that strips away commercial pop sounds.

You Don’t Need The ‘Moves Like Jagger’ To Enjoy Maroon 5

Okay, we have to admit it. Maroon 5 definitely had a huge part in our middle school and high school dances. When you have songs like ‘Animals,’ ‘Moves Like Jagger,’ and ‘Maps‘ you can’t blame the DJ for playing such catchy tunes. All you can do when hearing those songs is feel the need to dance and have a great time. Now, with the change of pace from the demand of 2010s pop to returning to acoustic and tambourine instrumentals, the way we respond to this song will be slightly different. This is going to be music you can sway to as you listen in your bedroom, in the kitchen, or in your backyard.

At least based on what we know, it’ll be a more vulnerable and emotional piece of music. Maroon 5 has come a long way in their career. It’ll be interesting to see how their lyricism and musicality have grown as they return to their debut album sound. If you’re like us and have continuously enjoyed Songs About Jane for years, ‘Middle Ground,’ is for us. Maroon 5 created ‘Middle Ground’ to send a universal message about the experience of being a person who is wanting connection within themselves and others. It’s going to be a song that resonates deeper than expected. ‘Middle Ground’ will be released as a reflective thought about who do we rely on when we need more than ourselves in times we feel broken. It’s so very Songs About Jane. 

Let’s Make New ‘Memories’ With Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is doing so much this year! They are releasing ‘Middle Ground’ so soon. Go pre-save the song if you haven’t yet! The band is currently doing a Las Vegas Residency, rightfully named M5LV. Maroon 5 has finished the first 8 of those residency shows. Up next the band will be heading overseas to Europe to tour in June! It’s a really exciting time for them and their European tour opener, Gunnar. You know us at THP love both Maroon 5 and Gunnar so we’re super stoked about this European tour. We’re a little jealous we can’t go, but we will be rooting from across the Atlantic.

Don’t worry if you still want to see Maroon 5 they are returning back to Las Vegas in late July! In the meantime, you’ll be able to enjoy listening to ‘Middle Ground’ once it’s out. Oh by the way, you can catch Maroon 5 performing on the season finale of The Voice. You should totally watch so you can see both Maroon 5 and Niall Horan! Then mark your calendars for May 23rd to watch the music video for ‘Middle Ground.’

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Anyway, it’s an exciting time for us pop-rock lovers! While we are waiting for Maroon 5 to release ‘Middle Ground’, we need to have some fun together. Let us know below in the comments what you are most excited about with the return of Maroon 5. Or if you’ve had the chance to see Maroon 5 live before, we want to know all of the details! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to continue the conversation there.

We are looking for people to talk Maroon 5 with, don’t leave us hanging ‘Sugar.’ Don’t forget to check out more of our pop faves, you might just find a new artist to love here!


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