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Gunnar’s Debut Album, Best Mistake, Is A Riot

Gunnar’s Debut Album, Best Mistake, Is A Riot

It’s only just April, but we can already say 2023 has been an incredible year for music, and it’s only getting better, thanks to Gunnar Gehl! The once 16-year-old pop sensation now the 21-year-old hot rockstar has his debut album, Best Mistakeout now. Best Mistake is an album that represents Gunnar thoroughly and authentically. This album is where Gunnar took more control of his music, image, expression, and trajectory as an artist. If you want to know Gunnar Gehl and make 2023 your hot person era, you need to start it all with Best Mistake.

Best Mistake was released in February and the album has not disappointed! Naturally, we’ve been living in Gunnar Gehl’s world since then, and ultimately, we plan on staying here. Breathing life into your playlist with Best Mistake is the best choice you will make this year, and you’ll be grateful that we said something about Gunnar because he is going to take your breath away. 

If you were a fan of early 2000s to late 2010s Fall Out BoyParamore, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, and 5 Seconds of Summer, then Best Mistake is the album for you. We are certified alt-rock lovers here at THP, and if you are too, Gunnar Gehl will provide you with everything you desire. Alternative rock and pop are gaining popularity again, and Gunnar is one of the many leading this movement. 

Best Mistake Is The Album You Can’t Live Without

Gunnar’s debut album is a zesty riot from start to finish that will continuously give you your daily dose of serotonin. A timeless album that anyone can enjoy at any age, at any time and at any place, Best Mistake will hypnotize you. The catchy lyrics and the outrageous alt-rock vibes that come from the heavy guitar, drum, and bass drops are so hypnotizing. Most importantly and without delay, you’ll fall under due to Gunnar’s voice.

There is a great balance of energy in the album. Tracks like ‘They Didn’t Tell Me’ and ‘The Chase’ bring us the energy, while ‘Blame It on the Rain’ and ‘At Least I Tried’ are slower and more vulnerable ballads. This album is comprehensive and is full of your new favorite plays. 

Best Mistake paints a canvas of lust, turbulent and addictive love, the experiences of pining after love, and the aftermath of it all. Undeniably, Gunnar expresses himself and his vision so impressively in this project. It’s so influential that you’ll be listening non-stop to Best Mistake, and throughout, you’ll know that this album is meant to be played live. You’ll be begging to see Gunnar in concert to feel alive.

‘Bad Idea’ Is An Excellent Idea!

‘Bad Idea’ as the first song on the album is a spectacular choice. It sets the tone and starts the narrative for the album – Gunnar packs a punch in the opening verse making us feel irresistible while listening to the album.

I knew I was walking in a room that was already up in flames / Hell on heels, you were making me feel like I’m heading straight for my grave”

‘Bad Idea,’ Gunnar Gehl

Those lines are the perfect opening to get swept into the album and stay for the ride. You’ll be wanting more of ‘Bad Idea,’ trust us! There’s no better way to continue listening to the song and get insight into Gunnar’s world, than by watching the music video.

“To Tell You The Truth….”

We are very proud of Gunnar and this album! The progression fom his EP old sh*t,  to Best Mistake, shows how hardworking and dedicated Gunnar is in fine-tuning his craft, his storytelling, his image, and his sound. That progress is most evident when we dive into old sh*t  and then on to his three lead singles from Best Mistake: ‘Cinnamon,’ ‘They Didn’t Tell Me,’ and ‘F*ck a Broken Heart.’ These singles are bewitching, alluring, and seductive, and you’ll be falling for Gunnar’s voice and landing right into the palm of his guitar-shredding hands. That feeling is already present from just three of the ten from the album… imagine how it feels to listen to the entire project. 

We recommend listening to the album from start to finish or even on shuffle, it’s your choice! Want to really know Gunnar? Listen to ‘One Last Time’ and ‘You Shouldn’t Know’ as Gunnar has said those tracks best represent him as an artist! There really is no right or wrong way to listen to Best Mistake, it’s just so well made. It’s cohesive, strong, and enticing, and we absolutely L-O-V-E it. To liven up your life and be full of vivacity you have to give Best Mistake a listen. Oh, and prepare for these songs to live rent free in your heads forever more, like they are in ours!

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This album deserves so much attention and recognition as it’s hit after hit bangers. We know that Gunnar is going to continue to grow and we’re excited to see him get more acknowledgment for his incredible talent. Getting Gunnar added to your library and playlists and becoming a stan will only drive his success further. Without a doubt, we’re sure that Gunnar will end up on our Spotify Wrapped this year, and we hope he is on yours too.

Let’s ‘Keep You Around’ Gunnar

Our mission this year is to ‘Keep You Around’ Gunnar, it’ll be good for your soul. We guarantee that listening to Gunnar will make you 1000x hotter than you are (and we know you’re already a hottie).

We have to know which song is your new hot person anthem and what songs you’d love to hear live, by dropping a comment below! Or by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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