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Not A Toy Embarks On A New Era With Their New Fearless Hit ‘Nervous’

Not A Toy Embarks On A New Era With Their New Fearless Hit ‘Nervous’


What do a black four-door 1967 Chevy Impala and a dynamic four-member group from Denver have in common? This is such a niche question. But, trust us, this is absolutely relevant. Have you figured it out yet? It’s the hit 15-season horror, action-adventure, mystery TV show Supernatural. Not the connection you were expecting. Despite that, we know, it’s very interesting! Not A Toy‘s teasers for their new release ‘Nervous‘ have gone extremely viral based on that connection. You had to be there and luckily for us, we were. What started as a few people on TikTok commenting that Branson looks like Jensen Ackles turned into a moment for the group to begin reaching into a new demographic of fans. 

However, it’s not just the Supernatural connection and the fun references the band has made towards the TV show that has helped them get the attention they deserve; their growth in attention, going viral, and having a larger audience who is excited about ‘Nervous‘ is because Not A Toy makes amazing music and they’re good to their fans.

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The teasers for ‘Nervous’ were executed so well in highly engaging and entertaining content on their socials. So engaging and fun that people kept coming back for more based only on the teasers. That’s brilliant marketing and fan engagement by Not A Toy. The band kept dropping small bites in each teaser to get you tempted and seeking more. When you listen to ‘Nervous’ it lives up to the hype it received on social media. ‘Nervous’ is an incredibly well-crafted song in its lyricism, style, and production. Without a doubt, ‘Nervous’ is a song that will stay in your head for all the good reasons.

“How’d You Get Me So Nervous?”

‘Nervous’ is an appealing song that continues Not A Toy’s ability to weave in and out of various genres. They are an alternative band that dips into rock, a bit of rap, R&B, pop, and indie. It’s a noticeable flair that makes their discography stand out against the rest. They’re carving out a sound, a genre, that is deeply personalized that it can only be, without a doubt, identified as Not A Toy. That’s what makes Not A Toy an enjoyable group to listen to. ‘Nervous’ is no different, it’s as enjoyable, if not more.

Immediately as you hit play, you will be transported into a whole new world. ‘Nervous’ is a hit that feels and sounds vividly alive. In Not A Toy fashion ‘Nervous’ uses deeper and darker bass, drums, and synths that drive the hypnotic beat. ‘Nervous’ is a song that has us deeply enthralled and amused. To know how captivating ‘Nervous’ is for us and how it will be for you, we have to emphasize a few things.

‘Nervous’ uniquely begins the song with an open verse that has more reverb echoing that creates a spacious floating feeling. It has a sound that is not like the rest of the song. That verse sets the precedent for the feeling conveyed in the narrative. It’s growing the sense of nervousness and anxiousness around an unpredictable person that you can’t decide if you want to be around. Or entity, you know because Supernatural. We find that sharp contradiction from that opening verse to the next verse to be a delightful escapade from what is typically expected in songwriting. 

We can’t help but also mention the creative dynamic Not A Toy does in their vocal styling. The switch between singing-rap verses to singing only in the bridge onward shows the artistic depth and versatility they have. You know we at THP love a great bridge and verse reprise! Not A Toy doesn’t disappoint us with that on ‘Nervous.’

“Tell Me Does It Make You Nervous, Nervous?”

Branson’s vocal delivery throughout the song is unmatched. His hard-hitting emphasis on the singing/rapping verses is very smooth. It’s part of what makes this song so enticing. With attention to Branson’s voice, the part that helps his vocal flair be noticed is the instrumentation behind him. It’s how well his voice matches the beat’s staccato and is laid nicely on top of it. The perfectly lined up rhythm in the instrumentation with the lyrics compliments each other so well. It’s a very pleasing thing to hear. It will have you possessed, we mean bewitched, to hit play again. Everything that the group did to make ‘Nervous’ has resulted in the biggest case of stuck song syndrome; we’re not complaining about this at all.

We can talk on and on about ‘Nervous’ and how it’s a quick salt and burn to alleviate any low moods. You can’t be upset when you’re listening to Not A Toy. You also can’t be upset when you’re watching Not A Toy either. The group’s music video for ‘Nervous’ is a cinematic masterpiece with a retro locale, engaging shots, vintage overlay, and amusing editing. To repeat what was said earlier about the Supernatural and Not A Toy connection, you might want to keep that in mind while watching the music video. There are a few shots that seem to say, “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days.” Then there are a few others that give “We got work to do” and “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.” 

Not A Toy Is Heading Into Their Next Era Starting With ‘Nervous’

We are living and thriving with the little Supernatural Easter Eggs that were in this music video. It does appear to pay homage to Sam and Dean. Although that may be true, that’s not the only thing they’re doing in the ‘Nervous’ music video. We think it’s giving retribution to the new fans that stumbled across them on Supernatural TikTok that immediately supported their musicIt’s a fun way of saying thank you and participating in a new inside joke with their fanbase. Do you want to be in the know with the joke and enjoy Not A Toy too? Since we are huge stans of Not A Toy getting in with us is easy. All you have to do is listen and watch the music video for ‘Nervous.’

Oh, are you looking for more to help with your new growing addiction to Not A Toy? Unlike Sam Winchester’s whole thing with demon blood, we encourage this new love for Not A Toy. You’ll want to listen to ‘Demise,’ ‘Bad Mood,’ ‘Gutter Kid,’ and ‘Dementor immediately!

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This will allow you to enter Branson, Benji, Jeremy, and TJ’s world of Not A Toy. This is perfect timing as ‘Nervous’ is the first single off their upcoming debut album, PRBLMS. TJ’s special skill of being a violinist might be playing a big part in PRBLMS (hint hint). 

Don’t Be In A ‘Bad Mood’ And Listen To ‘Nervous’

‘Nervous’ is a notably, a game changing song for Not A Toy! It was the first the band wrote for PRBLMS. the construction, how it’s elevating their producing skills, and more.

We always knew Nervous was a special one for us so we experimented with a ton of alternative versions for months, even trying out versions while on tour last year, until we finally worked it into what it is now. We actually had planned on releasing it later this summer after a few singles beforehand, but after teasing the song online the response to the song was insane so we knew we had to drop this one next! This one is going to be the single that kicks off the next era of NOT A TOY and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Our debut album is finally done and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”

Not A Toy

Not A Toy is one of our faves and we’re having so much fun talking about them. Now it’s your turn to get into the group and tell us what you love about them. There’s no need to be ‘Nervous’ when telling us what about Not A Toy has captured your attention and heart. Let us know in the comments below or let us know on our socials. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! Wherever you go, we look forward to chatting with you about Not A Toy. Interested in other alternative bands? We have all that you want here!


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