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SB19 Is As Good As Gold With ‘GENTO’ And PAGTATAG! EP

SB19 Is As Good As Gold With ‘GENTO’ And PAGTATAG! EP


If we are searching for high-quality music, SB19 is sure to complete our wish list with their 24-karat gold single ‘GENTO,’ and PAGTATAG! EP. Since their debut, our quintet has continuously released treasure after treasure, and ‘GENTO’ is one of the great additions to the group’s roster of hit songs. Wear your hard hats, honey bees! We are going to be digging in to SB19’s newly released song ‘GENTO’ and their PAGTATAG! EP.

Mining ‘GENTO’

‘GENTO’ is a wordplay of the terms Ganito (Filipino word for “like this”) and Ginto (Filipino word for “gold”). Through the mix of mainly pop and hip-hop genres, the song evokes catchy yet powerful vibes. And of course, its lyrics are equipped with perfect boldness to tell the world, not just who and what SB19 is, but also the group’s story of fortitude and perseverance from obstacles which refined them into the precious gold that they are now in the industry.

Watch the music video of SB19’s ‘GENTO’ below. This is an official reminder to wear your safety gear because you are not safe from the group’s gold-like talent and appeal! Also, a big shoutout and thanks to the whole production team for creating this masterpiece!

Well, more good news is that aside from ‘GENTO,’ SB19 also gifted us five more songs for their PAGTATAG! EP, making us wealthy with the pile of golden music our Mahalima worked hard on. These songs are ‘I WANT YOU,’ ‘CRIMZONE,’ ‘ILAW,’ ‘LIHAM,’ and ‘FREEDOM.’

The PAGTATAG! EP of SB19 screams versatility and shows us the growth, efforts, and passion our favorite P-Pop group has for their love for music and fans. The six tracks of the EP are filled with varying moods, from happiness to melancholy and everything in between, and with different textures, from uplift to explosive to heartfelt to mature! Indeed, the EP got it all! However, no matter what the song is, what’s visible to us is their hearts brought to life by the dynamics of their voices and personalities.

In addition, SB19 also released a music video for ‘I WANT YOU’ and a visually-pleasing and emotion-stimulating lyric video for each of the songs of the EP which you can check below to jam with!







Moreover, our Mahalima will embark on a new world tour which will kick off at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines, soon. And that soon is on June 24 and 25 this year! So, let us all get ready to shower the boys with our love and support and grab your tickets.

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Lastly, on a scale of 1 to 100, how would you rate SB19’s new single ‘GENTO’ and PAGTATAG! EP? Of course, we do believe both deserve a 101 rating! Both are as good as gold! Please tell us which is your favorite song from SB19’s PAGTATAG! EP? We would love to hear your thoughts, may it be on Twitter or Instagram


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