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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan SB19

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan SB19

We, at The Honey POP, love it when we discover artists to stan and SB19 has quickly become a group we’ve seen pop up on our timelines and we thought “okay, these boys seem pretty charming, let’s see what they’re about.” And BOOM. Our hearts have been captured. 

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SB19 is a five-member Filipino boyband consisting of Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin. They debuted in 2018 after training for three years under ShowBT Philippines. They’ve also been gaining the hearts of fans in just over three years together, creating the fandom A’TIN. They became the first Filipino and Southeast Asian act to be nominated for the Top Social Artist category at the Billboard Music Awards and also Southeast Asian act to enter the top 10 of the Billboard Social 50 weekly and year-end charts. We are falling head over heels for these boys and we think you will, too! Here are five reasons why you should stan SB19.

Their Music Is So Dope

There’s a reason why we added Pagsibol to our Top 50 Albums of 2021! Listening to their discography, SB19 is armed with bops and bangers with a few soulful songs mixed in. We can feel the difference in sound with each record released, and yet they still manage to keep a signature SB19 element to it. The messages conveyed in their songs are also ones to cherish. Songs like their hit ‘Go Up’ sings about chasing your dreams while ‘Hanggang sa Huli (Until The End)’ delves into heavy emotions of a heartbroken person who is at peace with the love they still have. And what’s more, they also wrote a song in honor of those on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic titled ‘Ikako’ that sings about finding light during the dark hours. We always need this kind of music on our playlists!

Their Synchronization Is Incredible

Who doesn’t love visually pleasing choreography that just tickles that part of your brain that produces serotonin? In 2019, a video of SB19 at a dance practice of their song ‘Go Up’ went viral because of how incredible their dance skills were. And honestly, we can see why! 

Their Love For A’TIN Knows No Limits 

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Image Source: SB19 via Facebook

SB19 loves their A’TIN. Like they truly adore them. At fan events, their admiration for fans is so clear to see and so many have shared positive experiences from mall shows or meet and greets. Their fandom name is pronounced “eighteen” and according to the boys “if there’s no A’TIN, there is no SB19.” “ATIN” also means “ours” with Pablo sharing that all of the dreams and success are “ATIN” for both SB19 and the fans. Stan artists who stan you back! 

They Are Pretty Freakin’ Funny

Other than being ridiculously talented, SB19 is also guaranteed to make your cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much! Their sense of humor is top level and they’re pretty witty, too. We know that one of the early stages of becoming a fan of a group is searching up their funny moments on YouTube and we have to say, we needed to rest from how much they had us literally LOLing!

They’re Dedicated To The Grind

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Image Source: SB19 Via Facebook

SB19 are such hard workers. It’s known that they practiced like a thousand times for the ‘Go Up’ choreography. They are able to achieve perfection even when not feeling 100% and manage to maintain delivering a top show even if things don’t always go to plan. Having trained for years ahead of their debut while not earning the best money, things are going upstream for them nowadays and their hard work continues to pay off. They are pretty humble but are always give 110% to the grind. How can you not stan that kind of attitude?

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So, are you ready to start your journey as A’TIN?

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Are you a fan of SB19? What’s your favorite song of theirs? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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  • My favorite songs of SB19 are WHAT, Tilaluha, Mapa, Bazinga, and Go Up. You should check out their performances of these songs on KBS’ Round Festival.

  • Thanks for the feature! They really are worth to stan – they’re just oozing with talents, looks, wit and great personalities

  • My favourite songs of theirs would be Tilahula, What? (SPOTIFY Wrap Certified), Go Up, Mapa, Mana, Bazinga, WMIAIN, HSH, SLMT but really their songs are quite different to each other so they all hold special places in my playlist. We can’t wait for their new EP, we are so excited for them to be released. WYAT and Nyebe.
    SB19 endorsement songs are amazing too.

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