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Exclusive Interview: Kit Major is Entering Her ‘Love. Sick. Major. Era’

Exclusive Interview: Kit Major is Entering Her ‘Love. Sick. Major. Era’

Are you looking for a new artist to obsess over? Well look no further than one of our favorite rising artists, Kit Major! Kit Major is kicking off her ‘Love. Sick. Major. era’ and is inviting you all along for the ride! We were lucky enough to get to chat with Kit Major about all things regarding her newest music endeavors, we hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we do!

Hi Kit! Thank you so much for chatting with us! To start us off, how would you describe your sound in three words to someone who was a brand new listener? Adventurous, melodic, personal.

You’re releasing ‘Break Up Again’ and ‘I Wish U Didn’t Hate Me So Much’ at the same time, what is it about these two particular songs that you feel like they make sense to put forth at the same time?
I think these songs show a good inkling of what fans can expect from the upcoming Love. Sick. Major. era. I’ve been very influenced by psych and garage rock, and the 90s brit pop revival. There’s a little silliness to have a song filled with choruses about “breakdowns” and the next song saying, “I’m fine”. They kind of follow the emotional process of moving on and self reflection.

‘Break Up Again’ has become an instant musical obsession of ours! What was the writing process like for this track? And were you conscious of how relatable the lyrics were going to be while writing them?
The melody and lyrics written at the same time- it was a little bit of a subconscious flow! It was written at my parents’ house right after Christmas. I really wanted to write a song inspired by 60s power pop. I could hear the drums and the harmonies right away and recorded a voice memo. I left to drive home the next day and immediately recorded the demo. For the lyrics, it wasn’t conscious but it is a really genuine, confessional song. I’m not pretending. But I like ‘Break Up Again’ because it doesn’t come across as too personal. Sometimes songs you write from the heart are the most relatable.

Let’s get into all things surrounding ‘Love. Sick. Major era.’ How would you describe this era to listeners? What do the tracks that exist within this era mean to you?
The Love. Sick. Major. era. refers to two things: First there is the sound. My music has evolved a lot in the last year or two, transitioning from dance pop to an alt-rock sound. It reflects a lot of things including the deep dives I’ve done listening to different genres, studying the Beatles and Beatlesque bands like Oasis to obsessing over The Beach Boys. The other part of the Love. Sick. Major. Era is of course my lyrical focus. I’m a romantic, what can I say?

If you had to include one previously released song of yours into the ‘Love. Sick. Major’ era, which song do you feel fits the bill?
I think maybe ‘Strawberry Milkshake.’ That was my first song I released in 2018. The music I’m writing now is un-apologicaly me, reflecting my sonic curiosities and influences. There’s a wide-eyed wonder approach to this era similar to when I first got started.

Let’s get into the ‘Break Up Again’ video! Where did the vision come from for the video? How long was the creative process behind it?
Any time you see a band running through a train station or riding a train it’s a subliminal, or maybe obvious, reference to Hard Day’s Night, right? The performance parts of the song, filmed in bright white light in a garage in LA, are meant to be super high energy and were influenced a little by Sonic Youth’s ‘Cool Thing.’ The video was directed by Adrian Vega Albela Osorio, who’s a super talented director and hugely knowledgeable music fan, and he brought so much artistic vision and storytelling to the video. Basically the video is the story of the formation of my band, and I love that it’s a completely separate story from the lyrics. You get two for the price of one!

When you look back at ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ what is the biggest difference you see in the artist you were then and the artist you are now?
I write songs with choruses now! When I was writing ‘Strawberry Milkshake,’ along with the other songs I wrote back then- I thought I was too cool to include a chorus. A lot of those songs just had experimental instrumental synth breaks between the verses. It wasn’t until I was working with my producer, Alex Flagstad on ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ that we repeated “And I’m driving fast” to create the fun, scream-able chorus you hear!

‘I Wish You Didn’t Hate Me So Much’ is a Fall Out Boy-esque long title, what went into the process of figuring out what to call the track? Was this the obvious choice for the title?
I like that you call it a Fall Out Boy-esque title! It really is a mouthful to say out loud, isn’t it? I like that it’s the opening and closing line to the song. Originally it was called, ‘Hate Me’ and I hated that. I also tried, ‘I Wish U Didn’t Hate Me’ and that sounded mopey- not the vibe. ‘I Wish U Didn’t Hate Me So Much’ has some nuance to it. It’s a little cheeky.

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As we enter this new era what can fans expect for the rest of 2023? What’s next for you?
A music video to ‘I Wish U Didn’t Hate Me So Much!’ I also have more live shows and music releases coming up in 2023. I’m working toward an LP.

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