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Yellowcard’s Childhood Eyes EP Put Tears In Our Eyes

Yellowcard’s Childhood Eyes EP Put Tears In Our Eyes

June 21st is now a historic day in pop punk history. Why? Because Yellowcard’s Childhood Eyes EP is officially out! Having the OG YC release new music and go back on tour just feels right. Since this is an EP, it technically can’t be AOTY. But EP of the year? EPOTY? Anyway, we’re going with it and Childhood Eyes is the EPOTY. We’ll tell you why with each song, minus ‘Childhood Eyes,’ since you already know that it’s an absolute banger.

‘Three Minutes More (feat. Vic Fuentes)’

This is the best possible way to kick off this EP. It grabs your attention right away because this song goes so hard. It shows you that they definitely aren’t messing around and that the OG YC still has it. So buckle up because they are not going to disappoint.

‘Hiding In The Light’

Out of all of the songs on the EP, this one is definitely the most like Paper Walls. It could honestly be a B-side and we wouldn’t know any differently. We didn’t expect them to (nor would we want them to) sound exactly like their beloved 2007 album, we very much appreciate this one.
Fun fact: this is now the 4th Yellowcard song that has “light” in the title.

‘Honest From The Jump’

We’re gonna be ‘honest’ with you. (Sorry, we had to.) We love it. This one also has strong Paper Wall vibes, but there are definitely elements of their newer sound, as well. There are two things that remain the same, regardless of whichever album: it has amazing lyrics and is meant to be played with the volume turned way up.

‘The Places We’ll Go’ (feat. Chris Carraba)

While we love every single song on the EP, this one is our favorite. Partially because it features Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessional. We love how there’s an immediate parallel between this and ‘Paper Walls,’ with the lyrics, “20 years passed / it’s wild how fast / were we ever that young?”

For context: The vocalist, Ryan Key said that in regards to the EP, “…there was an immediate sense of bringing it back to Paper Walls,” The album was released in 2007, which marked 10 years of them being a band. The song with the same title reflected their self-growth with lyrics like, “These visions we have of ten years ago,” and “here I am / still hold on to this / dream we had / won’t let go of it,”

“But I’m particularly proud of these lyrics, because they’re 43 year-old Ryan writing, not 23 year-old Ryan writing.”

Ryan Key

For Yellowcard to still be making amazing music, 26 years later is an absolutely incredible accomplishment. With this EP, they’ve truly shown us how much they’ve grown. TBH, they didn’t even need to put “From the makers of Ocean Avenue” on the cover because this EP can speak for itself.

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Speaking Of Ocean Avenue

they’re currently on their 20th anniversary Ocean Avenue tour. For tickets and a full list of the remaining tour dates click here. They’ll also be performing at Four Chord Music Fest!

What do you think of Yellowcard’s Childhood Eyes EP and what’s your favorite song? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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