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3 Early 2000’s TV Characters Who Would Love ‘Ears Bleed’ By Ava Earl

3 Early 2000’s TV Characters Who Would Love ‘Ears Bleed’ By Ava Earl

There aren’t too many songs that can be so brand new, but still fill us with warmth and nostalgia. So when we find a song like ‘Ears Bleed’ by Ava Earl we hold on tight. What’s great, is this song doesn’t even talk about the good ‘ol days of yesteryear. So what is it about ‘Ears Bleed’ that has our minds wandering? Is it her soothing vocals or the dreamy melody that sweeps us away? Is it how she tackles something so real in her beautifully raw lyrics? We’d say it’s all of the above.

‘Ears Bleed’ talks about Ava’s real-life experience living with single-sided deafness in her right ear. Although this might not be something everyone can relate to one hundred percent, Ava has artfully crafted a song that still speaks to our souls. The beauty of her lyricism immediately draws us in and we’re captivated for every second, feeling every word.

So, it got us thinking. Which one of our favorite early 2000s girlies would feel the same way? Grab your headphones, put on ‘Ears Bleed,’ and let us tell you our thoughts!

Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

If you don’t immediately get transported to Stars Hollow when you listen to ‘Ears Bleed’ then we dare you to close your eyes and try again. We all know and (most) love her; she’s intelligent, inquisitive, and incredibly witty. She’d love the combination of airy sound and thought-provoking lyrics that makes ‘Ears Bleed’ so unique. Trust us, Rory would have this song on repeat while she reads under her favorite tree.

Haley James Scott – One Tree Hill

Haley James Scott is a singer and a songwriter so she’s no stranger to putting her whole heart into craft. Compassionate, brilliant, wise… with a little bit of a bite, she’d appreciate the honesty of ‘Ears Bleed’ as well as the artistry. Honestly, we could see her singing it on the stage of Karen’s Cafe in her flowy skirt and her trusty acoustic guitar serenading the rest of Tree Hill.

Tara Maclay – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tara is quirky, kind, and – as a witch – very attuned to nature. We can totally picture her laying out on the grass, making the leaves dance, and listening to ‘Ears Bleed’ on her Walkman. Wait, did we just age ourselves? Because of the pain in her past, she can relate to the sad undertone of the lyrics but drift away in the whimsy of it all.

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Ava Earl is continuing to prove over and over again that she’s a songwriter you want to watch. Don’t believe us? Check out Ava’s music on Spotify or other streaming platforms. We recommend dipping your toes into ‘New Light’ or ‘Butterflies’ if you want to keep the vibes going. Honestly, though, every Ava Earl song is a breath of fresh air. We pinky promise you’ll get lost in your daydreams just like us!

What do you think about ‘Ears Bleed’ by Ava Earl? Tell us in the comments or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @thehoneypop. Connect with other music fans just like you and join the Honey POP official discord today!


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