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Vibe Check! Cities That Totally Remind Us Of These Songs By The Rose

Vibe Check! Cities That Totally Remind Us Of These Songs By The Rose

After the success of the Heal Together Tour and festival run, The Rose is returning with their upcoming album, DUAL. The Heal era revolved around nature, healing, self-love, self-recognition, and the power of time. This chapter of The Rose took them across the world, so naturally, they were inspired and began their next project. Recently, the band opened up about their new music taking heavy inspiration from the city lifestyle, giving fans an insight into what to expect. With this news, there is so much we’re anticipating from the upcoming album. Lucky for us, The Rose has already released two tracks, and it got us wondering what cities we think songs from the DUAL era represent.


Of course, we’ve paired ‘Alive’ with the city that never sleeps – New York City. The song is fast, energetic, and full of surprises, just like the city itself. With its vibrant lights and colors, NYC makes you feel ‘Alive’ as you walk the streets. Also, the line “Don’t know where I’m going, not even scared” screams NYC vibes to us. Sure, the city map may be confusing, but it’s a place of dreams and opportunities, so we’re never afraid.

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous features of NYC is the noise. Therefore, the lyric “I hear the echoes and sirens” is another reason we think ‘Alive’ perfectly represents NYC. The song features an intense beat change during the bridge, and we love this experimental structure. We can easily envision ourselves strolling the streets of the Big Apple, feeling ‘Alive’ with this song as our soundtrack.

‘Back To Me’

In this song, The Rose sings with frustration about being overwhelmed with emotions after a relationship and the pain of losing someone special. It’s an angsty mix of wanting them back yet feeling powerless to mend things while also acknowledging past naivety and mistakes. A personal reflection from a bird’s eye perspective is the core of this song.

Hear us out: It’s reminiscent of Tokyo, especially Shibuya Crossing. At first glance, the famous location can be overwhelming. After all, it’s the busiest crossing in the world! We often see bird’s eye photographs of thousands of people crossing this street, and whilst it’s beautiful, it’s busy and echoes the same vibes of this song. The bold sound of ‘Back To Me’ exudes the same atmosphere of abundant Tokyo. Although we would always choose to go back to Tokyo, maybe less so a toxic relationship. And with the song’s fast pace, it’s extremely iridescent of a busy city lifestyle. 

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We’re so glad The Rose are back! With the teasers and pre-release tracks being opposite to their previous project, we’re even more excited. Cities are truly inspiring, powerful, and full of surprises, which is just what we’re hoping DUAL will be now that we know where they drew inspiration from. What songs by The Rose would you pair with cities? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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