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Mitski Tracks That Would Be Perfect For A Film About Tragic Love

Mitski Tracks That Would Be Perfect For A Film About Tragic Love


We are getting a lot of content from Mitski ahead of the September 15th release of her album, The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We, and we’re not complaining! So after we talked about the release of ‘Bug Like an Angel,’ we got the single Star b/w Heaven, which included the tracks ‘Star’ and ‘Heaven’ as well as ‘Bug Like an Angel.’ And y’all, we thought ‘Bug Like an Angel’ would be our favorite off of TLIHASAW, but no, now we have no idea which one will be on top of our most streamed. But that’s not all!

Listening Parties, And Streams

So Mitski and her team have set up a couple of things for fans around the upcoming release. Starting September 7th, there will be screenings of films picked by Mitski: Days of Heaven, Desert Hearts, Drugstore Cowboy, and La Strada. As well as an early listen to the album in select record stores on September 14th in Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Nashville, Sydney, and New York. You can check if there will be film or listening parties in your area here. Honestly, we’re down to take a drive to attend either one of these events, so we would get those tickets soon if we were you. *psst* You also get an exclusive poster.

Image Source: Ebru Yildiz

And because we always like to give you a little extra, and in honor of the film events, we have put together a little list of Mitski tracks we think would fit a film about tragic love perfectly, as well as the specific part we can imagine playing in the back. So get ready to add some heartbreaking tracks to your upcoming movie edits!

‘Bag of Bones’

“I’m all used up, pretty boy / Over and over again, my nail colors are wearing off / See My hands, pretty boy / What do they tell you? / ‘Cause I’ve looked down at them, not knowing why”

What scene it would be in: After multiple scenes of Character A being used by Character B, Character B asks for even more, and all Character A can do is sigh.


“Now I bend like a willow / Thinkin’ of you / Like a murmurin’ brook / Curvin’ about you / As I sip on the rest of the coffee you left / A kiss left of you”

What scene it would be in: After a montage of happy scenes of the couple ends and, it’s just Character A sitting at a table alone drinking coffee.

‘Why Didn’t You Stop Me?’

“I look for a picture of you / To keep in my pocket / But I can’t seem to find one”

What scene it would be in: After Character A breaks things off with Character B, they immediately regret that decision and realize how much they depended on them.

‘Me and My Husband’

“And I’m the idiot with the painted face / In the corner, taking up space / But when he walks in, I am loved, I am loved”

What scene it would be in: Right after the couple has had what seems like their 100th fight, Character A is trying to convince themselves that there is still a spark and love there.

‘Francis Forever’

“And autumn comes when you’re not yet done / with the summer passing by, but / I don’t think I could stand to be / Where you don’t see me”

What scene it would be in: After a relationship that has spanned years, a not-so-mutual breakup happens, and months later, Character A doesn’t know how to move on from the relationship.

‘Should’ve Been Me’

“I haven’t given you what you need / You wanted me, but couldn’t reach me / So you went into your memory / Relieved all the ways you still want me”

What scene it would be in: After Character A finds Character B cheating, Character A starts forgiving Character B, and blaming themself for what happened.

‘Your Best American Girl’

“Your the sun, you’ve never seen the night / But you hear its song from the morning birds / Well, I’m not the moon, I’m not even a start / But awake at night I’ll be singing to the birds.”

See Also

What scene it would be in: After wanting a certain relationship for so long Character A realizes how different they are than their partner. How they’ve come from completely different homes, so they approach Character B about not knowing if it will workout after all.

‘Washing Machine Heart’

“Baby, though I’ve closed my eyes / I know who you pretend I am”

What scene it would be in: Character A already knows Character B is cheating, and they are just pleading why they are not enough, and if Character B can just love and use them.

Image Source: Ebru Yildiz

We honestly hope we get some more tracks like these in The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We, because just as much as we are ready to sing our hearts out, we are so ready to cry our eyes out. Remember to pre-save the album here.

Did we pick the perfect Mitski tracks? Which tracks would you include in our list? Let us know in the comments down below or over on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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