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Which Fictional Female Vampires Would Relate Most To young forever By Nessa Barrett?

Which Fictional Female Vampires Would Relate Most To young forever By Nessa Barrett?

Who knows more about being young forever than vampires? These immortal creatures of the night have either seen decades and centuries pass, or they’re on their road to living until the end of the world. At least they’ll be able to listen to young forever by Nessa Barrett over and over again. Uh, jealous! Here are our thoughts on which song from young forever would these fictional female vampires relate to most.

Caroline – The Vampire Diaries

When we first meet Caroline, we see a young girl who lets her insecurities rule her. She doesn’t necessarily see how special she is or what destiny the world has for her. Constantly comparing herself to her best friend, early-series Caroline talks pretty badly about herself. We love that she eventually found her strength, and now she doesn’t let anyone talk to her the way she used to talk to herself.

If you think that you can make me cry more than me, myself and I. Well, go ahead and try

Nessa Barrett in ‘talk to myself’

Rosalie – The Twilight Saga

One story that really broke our hearts was the tale of Rosalie Hale. All she wanted was to be loved. She wanted to have the wedding and the family that, if you ask us, she always deserved. But instead, she was discarded and turned into a bloodthirsty monster. We can totally see Rosalie relating most to ‘dear god’ and having herself a good cry as she plays it on repeat. Honestly, same girl.

I’ve taken more than my share of pain. Can’t You hear me say Your name?

Nessa Barrett in ‘dear god’

Katherine – The Vampire Diaries

We don’t always get to see the softer side of Katherine Pierce, but from the small glimpses we’ve been given, we know it’s there. Love is easy for her to feel but not the easiest for her to express. She often lashes out against those that she cares about most and, Nessa says, pulls them into her chaos. Katherine is truly ‘lovebomb’ coded.

My words are bullets, and you’re my favorite target. This isn’t what I wanted, but I can’t drop the g*n

Nessa Barrett in ‘lovebomb’

Erica – My Babysitter’s A Vampire

If anyone embraced being a vampire to its fullest extent, it was Erica. She loved being a vampire. After going through most of her human life feeling weak and invisible, she found a new power in herself after growing fangs. She went from cautious and meek to confident and bold. We have no doubt this would be her most played song on young forever, and then tell everyone it’s her theme song. She’s not wrong.

And I’m sure you’ll hate me, call me crazy. But I’vе never looked bеtter than this

Nessa Barrett in ‘too hot to cry’

Drusilla – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If you’ve seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then we have no doubt you’ll agree with us. Drusilla is not only considered strange and unusual… but a little deranged. She sees the world differently and embraces the darker sides of herself. For avid fans, though, they know her real story and what she’s gone through to get her to that point. Regardless, we also know she really might belong in a madhouse, but at least she can sing some Nessa Barrett the whole time!

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Make me a spectacle I’ll have a beautiful chemical meltdown. Losing the screws in my brain could be any day now

Nessa Barrett in ‘madhouse’

Claudia – Interview With the Vampire

In a sea of tragic stories, Claudia’s brings us to tears. She’s been hurt and lied to for the majority of her life, doomed to continue walking the Earth as a preteen for all eternity. Left to feel like no one truly understands her, or worse, that everyone is out to get her, we think Claudia would definitely be an ‘unnecessary violence’ girlie!

My name’s got you hungry for blood. And if I ever get happy I can count on you to put me through your unnecessary violence

Nessa Barrett in ‘unnecessary violence’

What did you think of our list? Do you agree these bada*s vampires would love young forever by Nessa Barrett as much as we do? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @thehoneypop. Come connect with other music fans just like you on the Honey POP discord today!


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