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ARTIST REWIND: Breathe Carolina Are Still Our Fascination

ARTIST REWIND: Breathe Carolina Are Still Our Fascination

Picture it: the year is 2009, Breathe Carolina has just released their sophomore album, Hello Fascination, and you’re making it your entire Myspace and personal layout persona. Cut to now, Breathe Carolina just played a throwback set at So What! Fest this summer and you never stopped obsessing. There’s never a better time than the present to dive headfirst back into those middle/high school obsessions too. So whether you’re like us and these songs never left your rotation, or if this is a total blast from the past for you, maybe even brand new — we’ve got you covered. Lock in, it’s time for a blast to our not-so-distant past!

‘Diamonds’ – It’s Not Classy, It’s Classic

Ah, the autotune vocals, the synths, the screamo vocals added in…this song is everything we loved most from our staple songs in 2008. This was also the track that put Breathe Carolina fully onto the scene. ‘Diamonds’ is a lighthearted sounding, upbeat track, all about finding your way back to a distant loved one. There’s something for everyone in this track, that’s the beauty of 2008 baby! “Don’t you want to) make it better? (Wear my diamonds?) Make it better.”

‘Get Off Easy’ – Hell Is What You Make It

Every time this song comes on shuffle we have no choice but to turn it up to full volume. Any Breathe Carolina fan will look back on Hell Is What You Make It with the most loving eyes. But for us, this is the highlight track of the record. A masterful upbeat synth-punk banger, ‘Get Off Easy’ touches on escaping a relationship that was far darker than you could’ve ever initially imagined. “Sweet talk in the paralyze, wouldn’t know she’s a dirty dime. Stories changing, colors fading, you are nothing more than I thought.”

‘Velvet’ – Hello Fascination

The year is 2009 and all that matters is the upcoming Vans Warped Tour Lineup. Oh, and Breathe Carolina’s insane new album, Hello Fascination. It isn’t surprising to us that this was the record that put them on the scene kid map. ‘Velvet’ is one of our favorite tracks off the record. We could fist-bump to this one until we pass out on that floor. Not to mention the breakdown in this track? They don’t make ’em like this one any more, kids. “Princess I just want a witness. Watch you severing the velvet. I won’t say the word say the word.”

‘Down’ Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3

We can’t talk about Breathe Carolina and not talk about this iconic cover. We received nothing but bops from the Punk Goes Pop series. This is simply one of many, but one of our top 5 picks if we’re being genuine. Don’t even get us started on the breakdown we get in place of Lil Wayne’s rap…they don’t make ’em like this anymore kids!

‘Chemicals’ – Hell Is What You Make It

Like we said, Hell Is What You Make It is simply a no-skip album. ‘Chemicals’ however, is one we made every single friend we had in 2011 listen to when it dropped. The track is about a toxic relationship that’s so addictive, you have to cut it out of your life like you would a substance. A topic we are all too familiar with and grateful we can headbang along with Breathe Carolina over, “If we feel it back up, amphetamine rush. Set me on fire tonight, tonight.”

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‘Can I Take You Home?’ – Hello Fascination

No, don’t misunderstand us, there isn’t a shortage of bangers on Hello Fascination either. This album was a staple in our music rotation and the neon pop-punk scene in 2009 for a reason. ‘Can I Take You Home?’ is that song about when you can’t get someone out of your head. And you need to be fully immersed in them because it feels like life or death. “Said her name was romance, I said I’m impulsive. Swallowed my nerve and ate my dignity. I think I’m making progress, she’s faking naive. All this false innocence amuses me.”

We could go on and on about Breathe Carolina and their bop-filled discography, trust us. But we’ve given you the highlights to fuel your regression into your BC obsession! What are some of your favorite Breathe Carolina tracks? Let us know in the comments below! Or you can let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or you can let us know on Instagram or Facebook!


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