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3 King Falcon Songs To Get You Ready For Their Debut Album

3 King Falcon Songs To Get You Ready For Their Debut Album

king falcon self-titled debut album

You read that right, honey! King Falcon are set to release their self-titled debut album on October 27th, and we couldn’t be more excited. Who doesn’t love a band capable of creating songs that blend genres like indie rock and classic rock together so beautifully? We are bouncing off the walls, ready for this album! And you know what? They’ve also given us an extra treat while we wait for its arrival! Aren’t they just the best? King Falcon has blessed us with their new single, ‘Rabbit Gets The Gun,’ which has quickly become our new favorite song! And isn’t it just the perfect taster for what’s to come?

With that in mind, it’s time to get ready! Sit with us in our hive, honey. Let’s listen to these three King Falcon songs to get us ready for their debut album!

‘Rabbit Gets The Gun’

King Falcon knew what they were doing when they created their new single, ‘Rabbit Gets The Gun.’ There’s no denying how obsessed we are with this track! ‘Rabbit Gets The Gun’ is an electro-pop meets rock delicacy that is a powerful call to action for all the outcasts of the world to rise up. With a catchy chorus and a rhythm worthy of constant head-bopping, King Falcon created pure gold with this song, and we will definitely have more fun when the ‘Rabbit Gets The Gun.’ That’s a promise!


Indie-rock songs for the summer that have a funky edge? Yes, please! This band of legends had us addicted to ‘Cadillac’ when it was first released. We’re still so hyped about our exclusive interview with King Falcon about the track! Not only do the rock and funk edges come into play with this track, but there’s an essence of old-school beats that match so well with the vocals. And that guitar solo? Chef’s kiss. To top it all off, King Falcon gave us a music video for ‘Cadillac’ that you need to see! It’s a cinematic masterpiece!

‘Ready Set Go’

As we wrap up our journey of getting hyped and ready for King Falcon’s debut album, ‘Ready Set Go!’ feels like the perfect song to end on, doesn’t it? It’s another indie-rock addiction from King Falcon that is destined to draw you in with its contagious chorus, epic guitar riffs, and a punch of adrenaline. All in all, this song will pump you up! If you’re looking for songs that motivate you, ‘Ready Set Go’ is one you don’t want to miss!

And Now The Track List!

You didn’t think we were going to leave you hanging like that, did you? King Falcon have graciously provided the track list for their debut album, and it looks delicious.

See Also

  1. ‘Everybody’s Down’
  2. ‘Ready Set Go’
  3. ‘Cadillac’
  4. ‘Set Me Free’
  5. ‘Rabbit Gets The Gun’
  6. ‘Soul Sucker’
  7. ‘Ride’
  8. ‘My Name Is’
  9. ‘Touch’
  10. ‘On Your Soul’
  11. ‘Go On’

Are you ready yet? Because we sure are, honey! King Falcon never ceases to impress us, and we just know their self-titled debut album will rock our world! We’re so excited!

What do you think of King Falcon and are you excited for their debut album as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.


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