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We Gave Middle Kids Our Hearts And They Gave Us A New Single, ‘Highlands’

We Gave Middle Kids Our Hearts And They Gave Us A New Single, ‘Highlands’

Calling all indie-rock fans! We have a blazing hot new single for you! That’s right, Middle Kids has just released their newest single ‘Highlands,’ and we are already obsessed! The Australian indie band has taken the music scene by storm; climbing the charts and never letting fans down! Middle Kids has effortlessly grabbed our hearts and held our attention since their debut! Their latest release shows no exception, keeping us fully entranced by their musical genius.

Do the lyrics to this track kind of hurt? We aren’t going to lie to you, yes, they do hurt. Does that stop the song from being a whole vibe? It most certainly does not! ‘Highlands’ is a track we could talk about for years and never stop. At this point, Middle Kids has become our entire personality. Unfortunately, we will have to sum up all of our thoughts into one itty-bittie article for you to bask in. So, without further ado, let the rant begin!

‘Highlands’ transports listeners on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and taking a closer look at life. The track, Led by Hannah Joy’s hauntingly gorgeous vocals, immediately draws you in, pulling on your heartstrings and provoking introspective thoughts. Furthermore, ‘Highlands’ is the kind of song that makes you want to travel to new places and explore new perspectives. The lyrics urge you to fill your life with something new and exciting, getting out of your comfort zone and adding more to your life!

Middle Kids’ ability to integrate sensitivity into their lyrics shows their real talent as artists who deserve all the attention they can get! ‘Highlands’ is a perfect example in which we can really see this personal writing style come to life! The lyrics explore themes of growth, nostalgia, and a need for change. Lines like “I can’t keep waiting for things to change” and “I don’t wanna stay here, I kinda hate it” strike true, resonating with the universal longing for finding a place where we truly belong. The instantaneous reality check is overwhelming yet incredible!

Since I was young, I’ve had this yearning to be free. In this song I used an image of the ‘highlands’ as a euphoric place where I have the space to be me, and you have the space to be you. 

Hanna Joy on the meaning behind ‘Highlands’

Middle Kids have always excelled at writing songs that achieve a delicate mix between sensitivity and anthemic force. ‘Highlands’ is no exception, as it builds to an anthemic chorus that will have fans scream-singing and feeling an unbreakable connection to the music. Whether it’s in your room at 3 a.m. or in your car taking a drive, there’s never a moment where ‘Highlands’ isn’t the perfect track!

Sonically, ‘Highlands’ uses their signature indie-rock sound to take us on a euphoric journey, which only solidifies the lyrical intent of the track. ‘Highlands’ envelops listeners in a beautiful sonic atmosphere from the very first note. The track’s ethereal beginning whisks us away into a surreal world! Mellowness takes over as the music takes us right to the heart of the Highlands, where hills meet infinite skies. The ambient production creates a feeling of freedom, letting us roam across the terrain of our own ideas and emotions.

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It’s clear to see that Hanna, Tim, and Harry truly know what they’re doing when it comes to creating music that leaves a lasting mark on the hearts of listeners. There isn’t a single track that we haven’t fallen head over heels in love with after just one listen. Middle Kids deserve nothing but praise! It’s no surprise that their music has taken over the indie-rock scene with ease. The award-winning band most certainly has our undivided attention!

Our rant has come to an end, meaning it’s time for you to have your chance! What do you think of ‘Highlands?’ Do you love Middle Kids just as much as we do? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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