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We Fell So Hard For Two Times Shy’s New Single, ‘Gone’

We Fell So Hard For Two Times Shy’s New Single, ‘Gone’

Did someone say they’re looking for some new punk-pop tunes to add to their playlists? You’re in luck because Two Times Shy has just dropped hit single ‘Gone,’ an absolute banger that’ll take over your life. Get ready to have your mind blown. After dropping their initial EP, It Looks Better Than It Sounds, we didn’t expect anything other than brilliance.

Two Times Shy has shown us time and time again that they have the ability to write songs that are both powerful and personal. ‘Gone’ demonstrates their development as musicians and writers, solidifying their standing in the punk-pop scene. With their commitment to preserving the genre and keeping it alive while pushing limits, Two Times Shy is undoubtedly on the rise! ‘Gone’ is just the beginning.

Wow, we are so excited to tell you everything! Preemptive warning: turn your speaker down before hitting play, that is unless you want it to be killed by the sounds of high-octane punk-rock energy 🙂

Image credit: Gabi Rankine Creative

‘Gone’ snatches your attention from the first note and doesn’t let go. The opening heavy guitar riff immediately sets the tone, taking listeners back to the era of pop-punk, when bands like Blink-182, Green Day, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy dominated the music scene. Two Times Shy has effectively captured that nostalgic energy and blessed us with the track of a lifetime. 

It’s a captivating combination of catchy pop melodies, rebellious punk energy, and emotionally charged lyrics that hit you right in the feels! The instrumentation is the song’s driving force that propels ‘Gone’ to punk-pop supremacy. The fast-paced drum beats and powerful guitar riffs work in tandem like a well-oiled machine.

‘Gone’ truly explodes in the chorus, with a fun and anthemic melody that is sure to have you singing along at the top of your lungs. With power chords and anthemic voices that will have you jumping around, singing, and playing air instruments to your invisible, screaming fans as you give the performance of a lifetime. Its really a whole vibe! It’s the kind of chorus that stays with you for days, making you want to press the replay button over and over and over. The flawless musicality and seamless vocals of the band offer a further degree of depth, enveloping you in the song’s mesmerizing and enthralling energy!

Lyrically, the song is about the sucky feeling associated with someone leaving. It’s always great to have a song that is relatable in the worst way possible! However, who wouldn’t want to relate to Two Times Shy? We certainly don’t mind it.

‘Gone’ tells a story of what it’s like to fall apart when the person you love and want to be with is not with you, how you feel when they are gone.

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As we listen to ‘Gone’ on repeat, we can’t help but wonder what is to come for Two Times Shy! With their ability, dedication, and knack for creating relatable anthems, it’s easy to assume that they have a bright future in the music world. ‘Gone’ is a single that deserves to be on your playlist, whether you’re a seasoned pop-punk fan or someone who’s new to the genre. ‘Gone’ is the song for you!

We have to assume that you love ‘Gone’ just as much as we do! We want to hear alllll of your thoughts on the track! Come spread the love with us by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or by buzzing on over to our Facebook and Instagram!


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