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4 Of Our Favorite Songs From The Maine’s Self-Titled Album

4 Of Our Favorite Songs From The Maine’s Self-Titled Album

August 1st, 2023 is an iconic day. This day truly belongs to the Arizona emo group, The Maine. Not only does 8123 mean everything to them and us, it now holds even more importance because it’s now the release day of their ninth studio album, which is also their self-titled. If you’re a long-time fan of them like us, you’ll be obsessed. Or if you’re about to experience their music for the first time, The Maine’s self-titled album is the perfect introduction and you’ll also be obsessed. For the record, we adore every song from this record. You should stream it here, by the way. But for the sake of time, here are some of our favorites.

‘dose no. 2’

Immediately, we get Lovely Little Lonely vibes and we’re here for it. This is The Maine’s self-titled album, so we love how they’re already going back to a previous era, but elevated. There’s even “lonely” in the first verse. “First breath out of a coma / over and over / oh what a lovely view of you.” We wanted to play this over and over, but we remembered there’s nine other songs, seven of which we haven’t heard!

‘leave in five’

This song isn’t ‘Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful,’ but it feels like ‘Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful’ vibe-wise and sonically. We need to hear this live. ‘DPB’ is a banger, one of the best songs of XOXO. ‘leave in five’ After listening to it, their 8123 Day theme of New Years Eve makes sense. “Make it like its New Years Eve / (set the night on fire) / Fallin’ on the Fourth of July.”

‘funny how’

“Well, ain’t it funny how…” we’re literally crying. This yeemo (yeehaw emo) song is ultimate relationship goals. There are so many lyrics that make us tear up, but this lyric hits so hard.

“At seventeen I couldn’t dream of something like this / Oh what a feeling / Yeah it’s one I’ve never felt / Evеn after I’m gone I’ll be with you
/ On your birthdays and your worst days / And all thе in-betweens.”

With the exception of American Candy, songs in the middle of the album don’t make us cry. But since it’s their self-titled album and had similarities with LLL and XOXO, we appreciate this.


Of course, we have to talk about the ending track. Ngl, we were fully expecting to cry between the title and considering there are a few ending tracks that make us cry. LLL and XOXO, we’re looking at you. But we love the vibe and it’s the perfect way to end a perfect album.

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What do you think of The Maine’s self-titled album? Is it your favorite or one of your top favorites? (We don’t ‘blame’ you, they have 8 other albums, plus EPs.) Which song are you vibing to the most? Let us know on FacebookInstagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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