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‘someday’ You’ll Love Hera Lind As Much As Us, Here’s Why!

‘someday’ You’ll Love Hera Lind As Much As Us, Here’s Why!

Hera Lind

Whenever we adore a fresh, emerging artist, we wish that ‘someday’ the world will catch onto their incredible talents. This week, we’re shining that spotlight on Hera Lind, the Icelandic indie sensation you need to know about. The independent singer writes all her tracks in English and has a smooth, enchanting voice. She’s the ideal addition to your autumn wind-down playlist. After delving into her short but sweet discography, we’re pretty sure that ‘someday,’ you’ll love Hera Lind just as much as we do at The Honey POP! To get you started, we’ve got three reasons why. 

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Her Latest Single: ‘someday’

Hera Lind’s new single ‘someday’ has just dropped, and it’s truly a masterpiece. In this track, she delves into her deep affection for someone special. It’s a heartfelt and unfiltered song that beautifully encapsulates the tenderness found in relationships. Hera Lind is an artist who draws lyrical inspiration from vulnerability, and ‘someday’ truly highlights this aspect of her artistry. With the lyrics exploring her own identity, paired with heavenly instrumentals, it’s practically inevitable you’ll fall in love with her music. 

Scandinavian and English Influences

Iceland has an incredible indie music scene, and the latest talent emerging is Hera Lind. Her music effortlessly combines the raw essence of folk and indie vibes to create some truly unique songs. What adds to the authenticity of her lyrics is her distinct English accent, adding an extra layer of depth to her storytelling. We’re excited to support Hera Lind throughout her musical journey as she continues to blend a unique Scandinavian and English influence into her songs to share more of her stories. 

Social Media Presence

One thing about Hera Lind is that she has our entertainment cravings covered. She already has a strong social media presence with an impressive 8 million likes and over 235k followers on TikTok. We adore artists who keep us entertained on social media and bless our ears with their music. Whether you need Hera-core inspiration (a bow in your hair is a must!), daily vlogs, attempting to recreate outfits on Pinterest, or even a seemingly simple cycle to school, Hera Lind has us covered. 

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If Hera Lind is not already on your radar, it’s about time she is! And what better way to start than putting on your best Hera-core bow and listening to ‘someday.’ From melodic music to funny TikTok videos, she is irresistible. What are some of your favorite things about Hera Lind?

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