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The Best Lyrics Off 5SOS5

The Best Lyrics Off 5SOS5

With time, the excitement and newness of 5SOS5 has worn off, but our love for it is just the same. Released on the 23rd of September 2022, after a performance of a lifetime, ‘The Feeling of Falling Upwards‘ at Royal Albert Hall (one of our honeybees was there, and she says it was the best night of her life), 5SOS5 entered the world with soaring pop hooks, dramatic and intense instrumentals, and soulful and honest lyrics. With 19 tracks, 5SOS5 is the longest album 5 Seconds of Summer has released in the 11 years of their career. 5SOS consists of Calum Hood (bass/vocals), Ashton Irwin (drums/vocals), Michael Clifford (lead guitar/vocals), and Luke Hemmings (vocals/rhythm guitar). We’ve been a part of the 5SOSfam since the beginning, and we will be here until the end.

5SOS5 marks a newfound maturity and understanding of the world around the band, acknowledging the worst parts of themselves and their self-destructive habits, reflecting on their romantic relationships and the cause and effect of their actions, and ultimately, relishing in a new understanding of who they are as people, and as musicians. 5SOS5 is by far 5SOS’s best album, with not only the lyrics maturing but the instrumentals as well. Clifford also produced a majority of the record, which is just the cherry on top.

Below, we’ve picked two or three lines from each song on 5SOS5, that are honestly, the best. For a multitude of reasons – they stick out to us. And we know you’ll love them too.

‘Complete Mess’

“This evanescence always fleeting like a flame / But I’m never one to change, am I?”

“Caught up in your heaven but your heaven ain’t the same / But I’ve never been a saint, have I?”

‘Easy For You To Say’

“A youth that was stolen and filled with mistakes / I turned all around looked for someone to blame / But I’m over dramatic and drenched in my pain”

“I feel it in moments / A semblance of free / Between all the gasping / I finally breathe / So hold on so tightly / In times that I see / Someone with striking resemblance to me”

“A darkness that holds me / And loves when I bleed / It looks all the doors and then hides all the keys / Wish someone had told me what I couldn’t see / A glimmer of hope that was staring at me”*

*Must we say, this song is a lyrical masterpiece

Bad Omens

“I cried in your dark brown eyes for the thousandth time / ‘Cause you love somebody”

“Oh, just make it go away / Can you help me rearrange it? / I’m still making sense of having nothing left to save”*

“Can’t help the way I keep ignoring every omen / Heaven knows that I should let go / It’s nothing that I don’t already know”

* We’re crying, are you crying?

‘Me Myself & I’

“I guess I got what I wanted, I never knew what I needed / Leave it up to me to fuck it up without a good reason”

“Oh, lord all these broke hearts, but mine’s the one bleeding”

“Bullshit I feed myself / Me and my selfish appetite / I did not need your help / Now it’s just me, myself, and I”

‘Take My Hand’

“I feel my ego when I talk / Lost myself in the in-between”

“Told myself maybe someday / I’d fall down from the centerpiece”

“Pick apart all of the pieces / While I’m running out of time / Iron out all the creases / And just hang it out to dry / Shallow hearts for shallow minds / That ache to be alive / You fall apart and redefine / What keeps you up at night”*

*So… do you have any tissues we can borrow? We’ve already gone through the two boxes we bought in the shop.

“My life’s just like a carousel spinning around / I’d pay again just to keep from stopping it now / I tried to keep my head above the ocean of my doubt”

“Looking for myself in the passenger side / Driving to the edge till I get this right / Trying to find the city with the brightest lights / How you gonna get there? / Always looking back and I don’t know why / Something always there in the back of my mind / Everybody’s living on a one-way ride / How you gonna get there?” *

“I feel like a tighter in the circus ring again / Every time I jump it’s getting higher, never ends”

*We know that we quoted the entire chorus. We said what we said.

‘Older (feat. Sierra Deaton)’

“On the day that you leave me / I’ll forever be bleeding, love / As forever comes closer / Hope the world will spin slower”

“Lost in the day to day / You kiss the pain away / Oh, every time you twist my lips / My dear devoted delicate”


“Beautiful moment in time / That comes and floats away / And when I open my eyes / I hope I see your face”

“When I moved to California / When I lived between the bars / When I didn’t even know you / When I was giving up / Ventura was a ghost town / The city broke my heart / I watched the weeks fly by / I’m not myself when you’re not there / Don’t matter how long, I still can / And when you pick me up, no, I don’t have to pretend / And I am human once again”*

*Again, we know, we quoted the entire second verse. It’s a poetic masterpiece, yeah? Deal with it.

‘You Don’t Go To Parties’

“I still think about the times we were heavy / Racehorse tripping on the dirt that you got on me / Vultures spinning up above for what’s left of me”

“I got the last five years running out my mouth / Always stay too late, I should kick me out”


“All the things I said in my head / Ricocheting off the bed / Nothing left, what a mess”

“I guess only the stars would know the truth”


“Run to the east, gotta leave, I need a way out / Looking at me colouring out of the lines now / You only break when you take the bend too far”

“It’s been a while since you and I been where started / I don’t wanna let it fade away / It used to be easy / Now you can’t even look me in the eye”

“A visceral feeling / That I can never leave behind / And it’s under my skin, but I can’t reach in”

‘Best Friends’

“Your fear is only rational until it all becomes / A feeling of the past living under the summer, sun”

“Memories I hold to keep safe / And I live for that look on your face”

“I remember waiting on the calm before the storm / Back when we were on the other side of twenty-four”


“Brought a knife to a gunfight / But the hurting is all mine / When the feeling is airtight”

“No matter how far that I’ve run / Memories always seem to catch up again”

“Bleaching my hair every Saturday / I’m washing it out ’til I’ve figured out / Living without you”

See Also

‘Red Line’

“When we collided in the morning / Screaming with the mission bell / We burnt the city without warning / Reaching out for someone’s help”

“Cause I’ve been spending all this time alone / I’m on the red line, sinking after all / Another vessel in a water coat”

“Am I just waiting for my time to go? I hear the whistle for the doors to close / Another vessel in a winter coat”


“Through bloodshot eyes the sky is falling / And I just wanna fucking push you away”

“I can tell when you’re slipping from me / Even when it’s only subconsciously / On the edge of the bed as you’re falling asleep / I think I need you more than you need me”

“I know my mood’s been swinging all day / Weaponised words can get in the way / Nothing I say ever coming out straight / When I pull through, hope you feel the same”


“I’d die all day and every night just to miss you”

“You’re like staring at the sunshine, burning into my mind”*

*just because we only put down two quotes doesn’t mean we don’t stan ‘Flatline.’ We do. Immensely. Justice for ‘Flatline.’


“I don’t want to cry about it / But I still can’t help it sometimes / Fight about it, I don’t want to fight about it / I’m already screaming inside”

“You should know I feel some type of way / I don’t even know why / I’m just needing a little space / I’m just needing a little time / Don’t mind me, I’m just feeling kinda broken”

“I’m doing my best, and I guess that’s the best I can do / (Where did I go wrong?)”

*Hey, do you have those tissues we were talking about earlier?


“Bloodhound / I’m living in the violet sounds / I’ll kick it with the friends I’ve found / Oh, I can’t let it go”

“We keep on dancing when the room is on fire / Spend all our money on our dirty desires”


“Sad, but what can I do / Burn the world to start over / Blacking out in my room / Wake me up when it’s over”

“Crying eyes / I don’t need a reason to get high tonight / I just want to feel alive / Crying eyes / Diamond tears / I want to see the otherside”

“It starts in the morning, and it goes through my head / I go through the motions, and it drives me to bed / I’ll feel better when I let myself sink deeper”

“Diamonds turn to puddles, no one feeling what I’m feeling / Violence in the darkness, are you seeing what I’m seeing? / I was going 50 rounds of uppercuts, I’m bleeding / I swear to God, no-one is feeling what I’m feeling”

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to write a 10,000-word essay on the lyrical meaning, evolution, and impact of 5SOS5’s lyrics. Let us know if you’re interested – we’ll share the link. (We’re joking, we’re joking… unless…?) Did we mention your favorite 5SOS5 lyric? Feel like we missed one? Let us know on Twitter, or find us on Facebook and Instagram. We wanna know what you think of 5SOS5.


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