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If You’re Obsessing Over ‘MAMACITA’ By Chase Atlantic, We’ve Got 5 More Songs You’ll Fall In Love With!

If You’re Obsessing Over ‘MAMACITA’ By Chase Atlantic, We’ve Got 5 More Songs You’ll Fall In Love With!

Chase Atlantic has done it again! And by ‘it,’ we do mean slaying the music game. ‘MAMACITA’ is out, and we are actually obsessed with it. We have to listen to it at least once a day. Some of the worker bees here at The Honey POP might even call this song our Roman Empire. (We have a bit of a problem, but that’s okay.)

In true THP fashion, it is our duty to make you more obsessed with an artist than you already are. We couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to give you our five favorite Chase Atlantic songs. If these five songs aren’t on your list of Chase Atlantic must-listens, we hate to say you’re doing music wrong!

Before we give you our songs, make sure you’ve listened to ‘MAMACITA!’

🛑Content Warning: the lyrics of this song could be triggering for some individuals as it mentions drugs! Please read/listen with caution!🛑

‘Heaven and Back’

“She’s high / She lives in the sky / Tonight, she’s satisfied / Rolling back her eyes / But then she starts to cry / Everything is turning to black / All in one night / She just went to heaven and back”

Describing this song is nearly impossible. It’s comforting, it’s clubworthy, it’s magic. ‘Heaven and Back’ is a certified bop in our book. Whenever we think of Chase Atlantic, this song is one of the first songs we think of. The first verse and chorus alone have us in a trance, but the song as a whole is unstoppable. We are proud ‘Heaven and Back’ supremacists.

‘OHMAMI’ with Maggie Lindemann

“Ooh, mami, this a new ‘Rari / Hit one-fifty on the dash, I bent the corner / Now, now bend it for me sideways, uh / I might have to f*ck her on the highway, yeah / Yeah, woah”

When this was released, all we could say was “collab of the century.” Maggie posted her “If I Had a Verse” video on TikTok, and we knew it was meant to be. This song was already phenomenal, but something about the little extra spice that Maggie adds just enchants us. No matter what our favorite collab is, we always find our way back to this one. Chase Atlantic and Maggie Lindemann changed our lives with this collab.

‘Meddle About’

“We only met each other just the other day / But you already got me feeling some type of way / Now, if I could figure it out / I’d take you back to my house / So we could meddle about / We could meddle about”

‘Meddle About’ is an underrated banger. If you haven’t heard about this song yet, consider this an early Christmas present. This song is beyond a masterpiece. We swear by it. Whatever magic they put into this song, we want more of it. If you hear this song blasting from outside your window, that’s just us at The Honey POP HQ having an impromptu jam sesh!


“And what the hell were we? / Tell me we weren’t just friends / This doesn’t make much sense, no / But I’m not hurt, I’m tense / ‘Cause I’ll be fine without you, babe”

We’re starting to think that Chase Atlantic has magic abilities, and we just don’t know about it. How have they managed to make banger after banger that we here at The Honey POP are absolutely obsessed with? It’s either magic, or they really are that good. (We all know that the answer is that they’re really just that good.) Long Live Chase Atlantic and their bangers!

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“The water’s getting colder, let me in your ocean, swim / Out in California, I’ve been forward stroking, swim / So hard to ignore ya’, ‘specially when I’m smoking, swim / World is on my shoulders, keep your body open, swim / I’m swimming”

Closing this article with what should be a Chase Atlantic stan staple is just what’s right. ‘Swim’ has been one of our favorite songs since its release, and it isn’t changing any time soon. If you hear this song, we are quite literally begging you to think of us. It’s who we are, ‘Swim’ by Chase Atlantic stans!

Whether you’re new to the Chase Atlantic scene or you’ve been a fan forever, these songs are a must, in our opinion. They’ve never made a bad song, but these songs are just beyond perfect. We couldn’t find a flaw in these songs if we tried. (Let’s be honest; we would never try and find a flaw in these bangers!)

Have you heard any of these songs? What are your Chase Atlantic top five? How obsessed with ‘MAMACITA’ are you? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Or you can meet us in our Discord, where all the magic happens!


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