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Which Member Owned Each Song On IVE’s I’VE MINE?

Which Member Owned Each Song On IVE’s I’VE MINE?

Do you have a favorite IVE release? Because we’ve ours and it’s IVE MINE! This six-track EP really brings us Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo at their best, pushing their sound and aesthetics to give us a dreamy project we’ll never forget.

Each of the IVE girls blows us away on every track they release, but we think certain members shine a little extra on certain songs! So to celebrate I’VE MINE, we’re debating which member stood out the most on every track. And of course, we’re giving each song a runner-up as well, because it’s impossible to pick just one winner!

‘Off The Record’

I’VE MINE kicks off with the groovy ‘Off The Record,’ a fun pop song about secret love and late-night conversation. Right from the start, Leeseo really stands out to us! Her softer tone matches this style so well and she sounds absolutely amazing. Poetic cinema, but in musical form.

Runner-Up: Liz, because who else could drive around in a duck car and still look effortlessly cool?


I’VE MINE has three mind-blowing title tracks, but ‘Baddie’ might just be our favorite IVE title track of all time. It brings back the confidence of songs like ‘I AM’ while delivering something fresh that keeps us on our toes. We think Rei is the most in her element when it comes to IVE’s edgier, more confident songs, so it’s a no-brainer that ‘Baddie’ is totally her song! 

Runner-Up: Wonyoung, because it’s exciting to see one of the more elegant it-girls nail a bolder concept like this!

‘Either Way’

IVE have delivered us so many feel-good songs over the years, and ‘Either Way’ is a more mellow take on those themes, talking about how important it is not to let negativity or rude comments define you. “Either way, you’re good!” We think ‘Either Way’ is totally a Wonyoung song – she’s unfortunately gotten so much hate over the years, and it’s like she’s getting to stand up for herself. Plus, the music video gave us Blondeyoung and that was simply iconic.

Runner-Up: Leeseo, for her vocals and how sweet her verse is!

‘Holy Moly’

If you loved the unique pop sound of ‘ELEVEN,’ then you’ll love ‘Holy Moly!’ This song has such an exciting, funky vibe as the girls sing about how magnetic they are to those around them. Yujin really stood out to us here, since her hypnotic voice matches the song’s theme so well and that high note in the bridge has been living in our minds rent-free since we first heard it.

Runner-Up: Gaeul, because we love her rap verse and how the “this is what I have” lyric calls back to the title of I’VE MINE! 


Out of all the fun songs in the world, very few could possibly be as fun as ‘OTT!’ This cute track is all about the rush of falling for someone new and has such an irresistible baseline that will get stuck in your head immediately. Gaeul is definitely our winner here – this song is the perfect mix of relaxed and confident, much like she is! 

Runner-Up: Rei, because her “I think I’ll fall in love with you, OTT” line sounds so cute!

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I’VE MINE closes with the sunny love song ‘Payback’ – which might sound angsty, but it seems to be about wanting someone to “pay” your feelings back to you! Liz stole our hearts on this song – she sounds like heaven on those chorus runs and it’s literally the “sweetest melody.” 

Runner-Up: Yujin, because her vocals and those falsetto notes are absolutely stunning!

Do you agree with our choices? Which tracks on I’VE MINE are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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